Aug 242013

Welcome to our first wrap up show for Stargate Atlantis, we have done a few in the past for SG1 and the format is pretty much the same but for this Brad joined us so it runs a little longer than the two person SG1 wrap up show we released last week and of course it includes the results of the SGA poll.

We hope you enjoy the look back at what turned out to be an excellent opening season for Atlantis and while there is no doubt it benefited from  the experience of the existing writers, producers and directors it quickly set itself apart with it’s style and take on some original and not so original stories. 


Poll Results

Total Votes 79

  1. The Siege Part II ( 19 Votes )
  2. The Eye ( 9 Votes )
  3. Tied.. ( 8 Votes )
    • Before I Sleep
    • Letters From Pegasus
    • Thirty Eight Minutes

A huge thank you to everyone that voted in the Stargate SGA poll, it didn’t pull in as many votes as the SG1 poll which was mildly surprising but again we got a clear winner. It’s also interesting to see where the votes came from and they were spread around the world so a big hello to all our friends in the UK, Ireland, USA, France, Russia, Australia, Italy and Holland who voted:)

Next week we begin the ninth season of Stargate SG1 with the episode “Avalon Part 1” with a long time friend of the show Thomas so love to hear what you think about Stargate or the Gatecast past, present and future and the comments can be included in the show.





Jul 272012

Fifteen years ago tonight the US pay television broadcaster Showtime did the world a huge favour by premièring it’s new serialised scifi series Stargate SG1 to it’s pay audience. I suspect back then this was quite a significant step for the subscription service which underlines how good a product Brad Wright and Jonathan Glassner put together not to mention strengthened by the work of Rob C Cooper, Peter DeLuise and many many other “heroes” of the show:)

Sunday’s two-hour premiere episode of the MGM Worldwide TV Group series “Stargate SG-1” generated for Showtime’s highest-ever ratings for a series premiere and ranks as the highest-rated original movie to premiere on Showtime in 3-1/2 years, according to the network.
It was learned through Nielsen that “Stargate” on Sunday tallied a healthy 10.5 rating in Showtime’s approximately 12 million U.S. households, or just shy of 1.5 million homes in total.
Source: Variety