May 122012

  Welcome to the The Gatecast Stargate SG1 season 6 wrap up show in which Alan and Mike and special guest Colin (Trek News & Views host) talk about the sixth season, the good the bad and the cheesy. The results of our season 6 poll will be included as Stargate fans grade the episodes and lets not forget the Indeed count.

Huge thanks for all the feedback over this last season of The Gatecast, Facebook has been a excellent resource but perhaps Twitter has provided the biggest exposure boost even though it’s not ideal for anything other than immediate feedback. We included three promos in this weeks show and a big thanks to all those involved in Tuning Into Scifi Tv, The Scifi Diner and Trek News & View and of course everyone else who released promos for their podcasts and big thanks to those podcasts that have played ours:)

Next week we start on the seventh season of Stargate SG1 with Fallen and the return of a familiar character.


Poll results…

Mar 262012

Our traditional poll for the favourite episode of the current season of SG1 we are discussing is now live, it will run until we record the sixth season wrap up show and the results used to fuel our banter. If anyone fancies spending a couple of hours with us on skype talking season 6 in a friendly and hopefully informative manner then get in touch, we are few weeks away from recording so plenty of time to schedule a date/time.