Nov 192011

  Welcome to the season 5 wrap up show with guest host Adriana as we gossip about the fifth and final season of SG1 on Showtime and have a brief chat about each episode and our thoughts on other aspects of the show. We also have a season overview on Tealc and his use of the word “Indeed” both as a statement and in sentences as well as a few laughs which were not always related to the show.


The Indeed Count…

  • Statement
    • Rite Of Passage
    • Beast Of Burden
    • The Tomb
    • 2001
    • 48 Hours
    • Failsafe
    • The Warrior
  • Sentence
    • The Tomb x2
    • 2001
    • Proving Ground
    • Summit
    • Failsafe
    • The Sentinel

We’ll be back next week with Season 6, for those interested we’ll be switching to the Region2 PAL DVD versions of the show so runtime will be a little shorter.

Many thanks to young Mr Waller for this weeks itunes cover art.