Oct 312015

After we left Stargate SG1 behind it seems like only yesterday we wrapped up the third season of Atlantis but five months just flew by so here we are:)

Once again we were joined by Brad for this Stargate Atlantis Season 4 Wrap Up Show but alas scheduling and real life got in the way and Alan had to be elsewhere so just this time it’s Brad and Mike talking Atlantis and yet the raw recording was still well over three hours:) Thanks to everyone that voted in the poll, not as many as last time which surprised me given the high regard this season is held in but enough to make the poll valid and with no real surprises. We also want to thank everyone that joined us for an episode this season, gold stars to Brad, Jeff, Thomas, Andrew, Andres, Phil and Ian, look out for some of them on the fifth season episodes.


Next week we are back to the usual format and kicking off the fifth season with the episode Search and Rescue, hope you can join us for that.

Poll Results…

  1. Be All My Sins Remember’d
  2. Doppelganger  &  Tabula Rasa

Total Votes 40




Jun 112011

So this is the end of another season of Stargate SG1. Alan and myself along with Daniel a long term listener to the show discuss the seasons episodes and often wander well off topic. The episode is slightly longer than a normal release but if you knew how long the actually recording was you may be amazed or shocked how we gossiped. It doesn’t help that Alan had to do at least two runs to the fridge to grab a bottle or two to keep him lubed up and with all the best intentions Daniel was late for a meeting since he stuck with us:)

We will be starting on season 5 next week with it’s premiere episode “Enemies” which picks up from the excellent cliffhanger the fourth season left us with. As usual comments and feedback will always be welcome and as we’ve done before there are certainly opportunities for a guest host to join us (skype and time zones allowing) to watch and chat about an episode. If you fancy giving that a go then you can contact us through this website or via email, twitter or facebook.

Mar 162011

Ok folks it’s the time to vote for your favourite episode from the fourth season of SG1. At this point we’ve covered around half the season but I suspect most of you are not new to the show so you can vote in good faith.

We seem to be having issues integrating our previous Polldaddy app with WordPress so for now here is the link to the Poll itself. The poll will remain open for a couple of months and the results used in the recap show which will be along after the season 4 finale.

Season 4 Poll