Jan 142017

Stargate Atlantis Wrap Up Show

This weeks episode of the Gatecast takes a look back at Stargate Atlantis and their five year adventure in the Pegasus galaxy. As we did in the SG1 retrospective (mainly to keep the discussion short) we compiled a few questions and then had a round table type chat, it was fun.

Stargate Atlantis

We did have some recording issues when we lost the primary track so the audio quality is far from perfect but listenable so we hope you enjoy our answers to the various questions, if you have alternatives then feel free to let us know. Our thanks to both Brad and Thomas for joining us for the show, rare we have guests from Australia and America on the same podcast but it worked out ok apart from said recording failure which wasn’t skype’s fault. Next week we are back to our Stargate Universe adventure with the episode Malice and are joined by Stephen so not long to go before we have covered all the live action Stargate made so far.

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We also want to thank everyone that voted in the Stargate Atlantis Favourite Episode Poll, we ended up with eighty responses and of them there were thirty eight people who left contact information and we’re included in the prize draw. If you want to know if you have won then listen to the show, I’ll be contacting the main winner and runner ups in a day or so to make delivery arrangements.

Poll Results…

  1. Rising
  2. McKay and Mrs Miller
  3. Vegas

Jan 072017


We take a look at the premiere episode of Travelers on this week podcast, one of the bonus shows and delayed a while so that with Showcase and Netflix broadcasts we shouldn’t be spoiling anything. Travelers was created by Brad Wright one of the minds behind the Stargate television franchise and the show features many familiar actors and crew who also graced Stargate with their talents.


Travelers at heart is a time travel series centered on a time of individuals who have returned into their past to prevent a disaster that has global impact, in their time the world and the human race are dying and all their technology is focused on repair the damage done even if it ultimately leads to their own deaths or more accurately their births.

While Travelers is freely available thanks to the Netflix deal (outside of Canada) it can only help but give this opening season the maximum exposure and thus provide the impetus for a second season because after watching the show I really do want to see how the events pan out, it was a pretty good season cliffhanger providing satisfying conclusions to plot elements introduced and opening up some very intriguing options if explored. This premiere episode (also named Travelers) basically introduces us to the main team as they attempt to blend into a world that is very much unlike the one they came from and trying to make no false steps as they are forced to continue the lives of the people they replace. The variety of the group and their situations maximises the story telling options and as the series continues the show just gets better and better as more complexity is added and yes as they change the past their future changes as well. I can highly recommend Travelers to any fan of science fiction and with Eric as the lead his presence really does add a level of audience awareness a lot of shows in the genre would kill for.

Our thanks to Steve for joining to discuss Travelers, at this time he also has watched the entire season and as of yet not really heard a bad thing about it. Next week we are going to doing our Stargate Atlantis retrospective complete with the results of the listener favourite episode poll and then we’re back to our coverage of Universe. We hope you tune in for that and as always we would love to hear your thoughts on anything Stargate or the podcast. Oh and apologies for the fun we’ve had with the website thanks to the hacking and the hosting issues, many a post still has broken links thanks to some hijinks with ftp stored images etc.



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Dec 242016

Poltergeist The Legacy

The Inheritance

Rachel inherits the belongings including a house after the death of her aunt Rebecca. She decides to take her daughter Katherine along to allow the youngster to learn more about her family’s history. On arrival they met the local sheriff and the attorney handling the inheritance. Both seem a little disturbed that Rachel will be staying in the family home especially after a man named Simon had been dragged kicking and screaming from the house when Rebecca was found dead in her bed alongside a skeleton.

Of course it’s not going to be all wine and roses as Rachel begins to explore the mystery that was Rebecca’s life and discovers that the skeleton was around 40 years old and shows evidence of dark magic engraving on it’s bones but maybe it’s too late. Rachel having found a brooch drew blood and we see her personality change as her dreams show a young Rebecca engaged in satanic like sexual activities with we assume the man whose skeleton shared her bed for decades. The Legacy sends help in the form of Nick and back by their resources the secrets are revealed leading to a confrontation between a fully possessed Rachel who is totally off her rocker but her daughter is the rock which draws her back.

The Inheritance is a dark and very atmospheric episode of Poltergeist The Legacy, the music and cinematography at times goes far beyond what you would expect from a weekly hour long show. The funding from Showtime no doubt made the show better than it could have been if created for another channel as perhaps shown by the fourth season when Scifi took over the show. That said the episode was nicely paced, lots of mystery and suspense, great guest stars especially for Stargate fans in the form of Don S. Davis and Garry Chalk and a dark element which certainly makes the programme not for kids.

Our thanks to Thomas for joining Mike to discuss The Inheritance as Alan was overseas when the show was recorded. We’ve decided next week we are going to be releasing the discussion between Mike, Brad and Andrew on the 1994 theatrical feature and then perhaps the week after our look at the premiere of Travelers and to wrap up the bonus season our look back at Stargate Atlantis. Comments etc are most welcome and while we are having website issues hopefully they will be resolved shortly but until then merry christmas and a happy new year.


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Dec 032016


Welcome to the twenty third seasonal bonus episode of the podcast, this week we are taking a look at the Sanctuary episode “Penance” which features Michael Shanks as the major guest star and a co-starring roles for Aleks Paunovic as “The Duke”. In this episode the Sanctuary team are meeting up with a courier who is transporting a very dangerous abnormal but they are intercepted by a criminal gang led by “the duke” who has laid claim to the abnormal. During the fire fight the team are split up and the courier Jimmy played by Michael Shanks escapes with Kate who is shot as they flee the scene in a car. The two hole up in an abandoned hotel with no communications while Helen and the rest search for them and deal with the Duke as he too looks for his prize.

Penance is the ninth episode of the second season of Sanctuary and as you would expect when you get Michael Shanks to guest star he is going to take center stage. The episode starts off action orientated but quickly evolves into a character piece with a lot of the scenes focusing on Jimmy and Kate as they deal with her injury and discover their shared history which leads to a rather serious standoff thankfully defused by the Big guy played by Christopher Heyerdahl under a lot of prosthetics. Aleks plays the bad guy to perfection and while the joke about the golf club was probably in bad taste it was funny and his choice of artwork was an added detail to the character and story that was noticed.

Overall Penance is an entertaining episode of Sanctuary which made good use of Michael and Aleks as well as mixing location shooting and the heavy green screen sets the show was known for. Our thanks to Brad for joining Mike on the show this week as Alan was busy and next week we are going to be look at the series opener of Dark Matter for another seasonal bonus show, join us for that and if you want to leave some feedback we would love to receive it.



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Jan 022016

For the latest bonus episode for the 2015/2016 holidays we are taking a good look at the Canadian crime drama Flashpoint and in particular Blue On Blue an episode which stars Michael Shanks which has been mentioned on twitter over the years. It also features Rachel Skarsten who is more familiar to use from the rather excellent Lost Girl. In this episode of Flashpoint Michael is playing David Fleming who wait for it is a bad guy, a very bad guy and has the SRU running around in circles during a heist at the Police storage facility.

Blue On Blue

Blue On Blue is a pretty entertaining episode, some good suspense and tension as the chess game between David and the Police unfolds but I have to admit I started watching this series but never finished the first season, it’s a little bland and the market if full of crime dramas these days and even Enrico Colantoni couldn’t tip the balance:)

Next week we are going to be releasing our Stargate SG1 retrospective along with the poll results and prize draw so stay tuned then the week after we’re back into the weekly Stargate Atlantis episode.


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Dec 262015

Well here we are covering an episode of series we always said we wouldn’t do but it is a Stargate property even if it’s not canon so for our 20th bonus show sit back and enjoy the Stargate Infinity premiere episode “Decision”.


The Stargate Infinity series is set well into the future of the SGC and in “Decision” the base has been infiltrated by a spy working for an alien species, when an Ancient is discovered they attack the base to claim the prize but a group of SG personnel fight back and escape through the gate with the Ancient and the remainder of the series deals with their adventures as they try to find a way home.

Hand on heart I would like to have said more about this series but it does no credit to the television franchise and is best forgotten however you will recognise some of the voice talent used in the series but what a missed opportunity. Thanks to Brad for once again going above and beyond and next week we are going to be taking a look at an episode of Flashpoint starring Michael Shanks, enjoy the rest of the holidays and stay safe over the new year:)


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Dec 192015

Welcome to the latest bonus episode for the 2015 holiday season, this week Alan is joined by Kriss and together they take a look at “Stand by Me” a third season episode of the Canadian medical drama Saving Hope. In this episode which was directed by Michael Shanks the staff of Hope Zion deal with the departure of one of their own and the complexities of medical care for patients not technically allowed access to said care due to their illegal presence in the country. We also get an accidental dosing of LSD which spices things up and Charlie puts his heart on the table and it gets stomped on.

This is Saving Hope S3E4 Stand By Me

SavingHope (24)

Stand By Me featured Lexa Doig as Dr. Selena Quintos and it’s never a bad thing to see her guest starring in a show and her character’s interaction with Joel (Daniel Gillies) was good drama and as you may know led to further complications. The departure of Gavin was nicely handled and the one on one with Maggie was at times heart breaking but it was done well and nice use of some visual effects to enhance the emotion. Overall a good and entertaining episode of Saving Hope which was chosen by Kriss.

Next week we are back for another bonus show and I think I know which it will be, something of a surprise given what we’ve said in the past, stay tuned and feel free to let us know what you think of these bonus shows and the podcast overall:)



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Jan 102015

avatar2 Welcome to the final seasonal bonus show, this week we are looking at an episode of Farscape entitled Green Eyed Monster which was written by Ben Browder and deals very heavily with the John and Aeryn relationship, set within the third season the bulk of the story takes place on board Talyn with Crais as an ever present brooding element and one more entity that can easily be overlooked. While it can be considered a very shippy episode lets not forget that at this point John has been cloned or more to the point duplicated, there are literally two of him one on board Talyn and the other on Moya so there is still plenty of scifi involved not least the living ships that inhabit the Farscape universe. We also get plenty of laughs (to offset the drama) thanks to Stark and Rygel on board the shuttle pod who play chicken with the huge Budong after Talyn has been swallowed and may only reappear as a waste by product.


Green Eyed Monster is one of my favourite episodes of Farscape, it’s pretty much a stand alone in the season arc but does become the pivotal point of the relationship between Aeryn and this John who is technically the same John as on board Moya but obviously has his own memories from the point of duplication. Having two Crichtons also means the writers were free to well kill off a major character whenever the mood struck them and as the story progresses here and on Moya that too will complicate the romance within this classic scifi series.

Many thanks to everyone that has listened to our bonus shows, the numbers always dip over the holidays as everyone has better things to do and more time to do them but we’ve been very pleased with the response however next week we are back with the regular Stargate shows and first off for 2015 is The Return parts 1 and 2 in a feature length show, Miles from The Scifi Diner Podcast will be joining us for that so stay tuned.


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Jan 052013

avatar For the final bonus episode we are watching and discussing the Burn Notice season two finale Lesser Evil which has Michael Shanks as a guest star playing Michael Westens nemesis Victor, the episode also features Tricia Helfer. In this episode the season arc concludes as Michael goes on the offensive against the Management and their operatives in an attempt to win his freedom.

Michael Shanks only appeared in four episodes of Burn Notice playing the former spy Victor who is now the operative of the Management tasked by his handler Carla (Tricia Helfer) to corral Michael and convince him to play ball. Of course in Burn Notice the plot is full of twists and turns and it was Victor who was often pivotal in setting events in motion by appearing in the right place at maybe the wrong time. The finale of the second season finally gives us plenty of interaction between Victor and Michael which is full of good dialogue and acting from both performers and provides both drama and tension with lots of action. Carla was a recurring character in the second season and Tricia is always a delight to watch perform on screen, she was able to play the “bitch” with flare and style putting Michael in his place time and time again with a ruthlessness few could match and between Tricia and Shanks we got two very good guest stars this year. As always Gabrielle (Fiona), Bruce (Sam) and Sharon (Madeline) provide the strong support a complex spy/action drama requires, each of them brings something to the story which allows Jeffrey (Michael) to remain center stage and work his magic.

BN (13)

We can highly recommend Burn Notice, it’s just finished it’s sixth season and combines action, humour and drama with a spirit that in a small way echoes some of the 80’s serials as the “heroes” struggle against overwhelming odds making the most of every day items to fight off drug dealers, spies and simply some bad dudes.

BN (34)

Next week we return to the Stargate schedule with the SG1 episode “Icon“.
As always many thanks for your support over the holiday period, our feedback and numbers have been very rewarding during a period when everyone has something else to do than to listen to podcasts and we hope to keep the community busy via the social media portals and apps so let us know what you think about any aspect of our show and maybe more importantly about Stargate itself.


Dec 292011

  Well I said I might come up with a little something for the holidays and while this small edition of The Gatecast doesn’t include the review I had intended to do (Big Finish Audio Story) it does have the review for a Stargate SG1 novel.  Sometime in 2012 I would like to do an indepth review of some of the audio books out there for the franchise assuming funds and time allow it because I think along with the novels they are all we’ll have for years to come.  So we present a review of Ashley McConnell’s Stargate SG1 novelisation and the favourite episode entries to the 100th ep competition we had earlier this year.

Ashley McConnell Website

Fandemonium Stargate Portal

Have a great New Year

 ♥ Stargate Forever ♥

Dec 242009

Welcome folks to the final podcast for 2009, it should have been the State of the Podcast but events conspired to deprive us of prep and recording time not to mention screwing up the recording when we finally did get around to the discussion:)

Anyhow to sign off the year I’ve put together what we did salvage and a brief chat on which episodes from season1 should be watched by someone who wants to understand the basics without being bogged down in filler or simply haven’t the time to devote to a show or risk getting the wrong idea.

As always we are open to anyone sending in a list of first (and next year second) season eps which they think are a must watch or simply their favourites or heaven forbid the hated ones:)