Dec 192015

Welcome to the latest bonus episode for the 2015 holiday season, this week Alan is joined by Kriss and together they take a look at “Stand by Me” a third season episode of the Canadian medical drama Saving Hope. In this episode which was directed by Michael Shanks the staff of Hope Zion deal with the departure of one of their own and the complexities of medical care for patients not technically allowed access to said care due to their illegal presence in the country. We also get an accidental dosing of LSD which spices things up and Charlie puts his heart on the table and it gets stomped on.

This is Saving Hope S3E4 Stand By Me

SavingHope (24)

Stand By Me featured Lexa Doig as Dr. Selena Quintos and it’s never a bad thing to see her guest starring in a show and her character’s interaction with Joel (Daniel Gillies) was good drama and as you may know led to further complications. The departure of Gavin was nicely handled and the one on one with Maggie was at times heart breaking but it was done well and nice use of some visual effects to enhance the emotion. Overall a good and entertaining episode of Saving Hope which was chosen by Kriss.

Next week we are back for another bonus show and I think I know which it will be, something of a surprise given what we’ve said in the past, stay tuned and feel free to let us know what you think of these bonus shows and the podcast overall:)



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Dec 182015

CTV confirmed today that is has ordered 18 new episodes for a fifth season of hit original series “Saving Hope.”

Well that’s great news for fans of Michael Shanks and Erica Durance the two main stars of the medical drama and a
kick up the backside for me as I have yet to finish watching the fourth season.

Saving Hope


Saving Hope – Features – CTV orders fifth season of hit original drama ‘Saving Hope’ – CTV

Feb 232014

Caught up with Saving Hope and yes I’ve seen the punch that has been a major talking point throughout the twitter feed but more importantly it was great to see Kate Hewlett guest starring on the episode Twinned Lambs playing Sarah a pregnant woman who has complications. The episode aired on CTV on February the 20th, no date for the UK airings as of yet.

Kate Hewlett IMDB

Saving Hope Official Site & IMDB

We patiently await Kate’s appearance in Debug alongside a few other familiar faces from Stargate.

Sep 082013

I’ve been busy catching up with the second season of Saving Hope and now patiently waiting for the tenth episode but for now here is Patrick McKenna playing Roddy Gray in the seventh episode of the second season called “Bed One” in which he is suffering from flesh eating disease and gets trapped in an elevator on  his way to dialysis.

Patrick appeared twice (The Other Guys, Avenger 2.0) in Stargate SG1 playing the scientist Jay Felger a character created for comic relief but with heart and style that made him a fan favourite straight away.  Patrick during his career has starred in the Robocop tv series, The Red Green Show, Traders, Best Ed and Hard Rock Medical. He has also provided the voice talent for many animated shows.


Roddy with Dr Lin

Roddy with Dr Lin

Patrick McKenna Official Site

Saving Hope Official Site (CTV)

Saving Hope Official Site (Watch)