Jan 022016

For the latest bonus episode for the 2015/2016 holidays we are taking a good look at the Canadian crime drama Flashpoint and in particular Blue On Blue an episode which stars Michael Shanks which has been mentioned on twitter over the years. It also features Rachel Skarsten who is more familiar to use from the rather excellent Lost Girl. In this episode of Flashpoint Michael is playing David Fleming who wait for it is a bad guy, a very bad guy and has the SRU running around in circles during a heist at the Police storage facility.

Blue On Blue

Blue On Blue is a pretty entertaining episode, some good suspense and tension as the chess game between David and the Police unfolds but I have to admit I started watching this series but never finished the first season, it’s a little bland and the market if full of crime dramas these days and even Enrico Colantoni couldn’t tip the balance:)

Next week we are going to be releasing our Stargate SG1 retrospective along with the poll results and prize draw so stay tuned then the week after we’re back into the weekly Stargate Atlantis episode.


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