Dec 242016

Poltergeist The Legacy

The Inheritance

Rachel inherits the belongings including a¬†house after the death of her aunt Rebecca. She decides to take her daughter Katherine along to allow the youngster to learn more about her family’s history. On arrival they met the local sheriff and the attorney handling the¬†inheritance. Both seem a little disturbed that Rachel will be staying in the family home especially after a man named Simon had been dragged kicking and screaming from the house when Rebecca was found dead in her bed alongside a skeleton.

Of course it’s not going to be all wine and roses as Rachel begins to explore the mystery that was Rebecca’s life and discovers that the skeleton was around 40 years old and shows evidence of dark magic engraving on it’s bones but maybe it’s too late. Rachel having found a brooch drew blood and we see her personality change as her dreams show a young Rebecca engaged in satanic like sexual activities with we assume the man whose skeleton shared her bed for decades. The Legacy sends help in the form of Nick and back by their resources the secrets are revealed leading to a confrontation between a fully possessed Rachel who is totally off her rocker but her daughter is the rock which draws her back.

The Inheritance is a dark and very atmospheric episode of Poltergeist The Legacy, the music and cinematography at times goes far beyond what you would expect from a weekly hour long show. The funding from Showtime no doubt made the show better than it could have been if created for another channel as perhaps shown by the fourth season when Scifi took over the show. That said the episode was nicely paced, lots of mystery and suspense, great guest stars especially for Stargate fans in the form of Don S. Davis and Garry Chalk and a dark element which certainly makes the programme not for kids.

Our thanks to Thomas for joining Mike to discuss The Inheritance as Alan was overseas when the show was recorded. We’ve decided next week we are going to be releasing the discussion between Mike, Brad and Andrew on the 1994 theatrical feature and then perhaps the week after our look at the premiere of Travelers and to wrap up the bonus season our look back at Stargate Atlantis. Comments etc are most welcome and while we are having website issues hopefully they will be resolved shortly but until then merry christmas and a happy new year.


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