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Poltergeist The Legacy

The Inheritance

Rachel inherits the belongings including a house after the death of her aunt Rebecca. She decides to take her daughter Katherine along to allow the youngster to learn more about her family’s history. On arrival they met the local sheriff and the attorney handling the inheritance. Both seem a little disturbed that Rachel will be staying in the family home especially after a man named Simon had been dragged kicking and screaming from the house when Rebecca was found dead in her bed alongside a skeleton.

Of course it’s not going to be all wine and roses as Rachel begins to explore the mystery that was Rebecca’s life and discovers that the skeleton was around 40 years old and shows evidence of dark magic engraving on it’s bones but maybe it’s too late. Rachel having found a brooch drew blood and we see her personality change as her dreams show a young Rebecca engaged in satanic like sexual activities with we assume the man whose skeleton shared her bed for decades. The Legacy sends help in the form of Nick and back by their resources the secrets are revealed leading to a confrontation between a fully possessed Rachel who is totally off her rocker but her daughter is the rock which draws her back.

The Inheritance is a dark and very atmospheric episode of Poltergeist The Legacy, the music and cinematography at times goes far beyond what you would expect from a weekly hour long show. The funding from Showtime no doubt made the show better than it could have been if created for another channel as perhaps shown by the fourth season when Scifi took over the show. That said the episode was nicely paced, lots of mystery and suspense, great guest stars especially for Stargate fans in the form of Don S. Davis and Garry Chalk and a dark element which certainly makes the programme not for kids.

Our thanks to Thomas for joining Mike to discuss The Inheritance as Alan was overseas when the show was recorded. We’ve decided next week we are going to be releasing the discussion between Mike, Brad and Andrew on the 1994 theatrical feature and then perhaps the week after our look at the premiere of Travelers and to wrap up the bonus season our look back at Stargate Atlantis. Comments etc are most welcome and while we are having website issues hopefully they will be resolved shortly but until then merry christmas and a happy new year.


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Feb 142016


Here is the current collection of my reviews for the Stargate Atlantis Legacy series of novels, all highly recommended. I purchased the current eight book series for my Kindle, other ebook formats and paperbacks are offered so jump right in 🙂

Stargate Novels

Stargate Atlantis: Homecoming (SGA, #16)Stargate Atlantis: Homecoming by Jo Graham
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Homecoming is a strong start to the ongoing Stargate Atlantis “Legacy” series of novels which will continue the story of the city and it’s people after the tv series was cancelled after the fifth season. In many ways this novel will have the hardest time of all as many fans were never really pleased with the dealings of the IOA and other government bodies when the interfered with the grand adventures. Homecoming had to create a narrative to get Atlantis off of Earth and back to Pegasus with most of the known characters intact and acknowledge that many may not want or could not return and thus introduce new characters into an established mix. Jo Graham and Melissa Scott did a wonderful job of getting this series off to a fine start and I’m kicking myself I waited so long to read the Stargate Atlantis novels from Fandemonium aka StargateNovels.
I’m not going into any details of the plot apart from yeah Atlantis returns to Pegasus but come on you all want to know what hoops had to be jumped through and the compromises made with Earth governments salivating and/or shuddering at the thought of the tech/weaponry sitting off the coast of the USA.

Stargate Atlantis: The Lost (SGA, #17)Stargate Atlantis: The Lost by Jo Graham
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Lost is the second book in the Stargate Atlantis Legacy series and the story quickly picks up from the first novel where McKay was captured by the Wraith. The fate of McKay was unexpected but in hindsight perfectly in sync with events as seen in the television series. The complexity of dealing with Todd and the Genii added some depth to the novel which did feel a little like a staging story, moving pieces into places ready for a more hard hitting events to come.
That said I am loving how the Wraith are being written and the creation and expansion of their world is one reason why this Legacy series needed to exist and while I’ve never been a fan of the Genii their presence in this story certainly gave counterpoint to dealing with Todd and the threat of the uber Wraith Queen. Overall a good addition to the series, not every book is going to be all action and suspense and the series will need to balance things out but so far the first two novels are proving well worth the time to read.

SGA-18 AllegianceSGA-18 Allegiance by Melissa Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Reviewing the Legacy series is tricky, I was fortunate I read it well after the fact but was totally unaware of the major plot points but I never went looking for reviews either.
So here we go, Allegiance is the third novel in the series and Rodney is still very much missing and unaware he is helping to bring down his friends and family in Pegasus and after the failure of the first retrieval mission things look bleak. Atlantis greets some old and new friends from Earth but before anyone can get settled the city is attacked by forces loyal to Queen Death, the city survives mainly intact for all but one critical element. However we also see that Sateda in a small way is rising from among the ashes of it’s former civilisation offering hope to Ronon but there are always other worlds and groups looking to exploit the resources of worlds unable to protect themselves. It seems diplomacy will be the tool of the day to protect and nurture alliances within the humans of Pegasus but the consequences of the bargaining being done could be severe…
Allegiance is another fine addition to the Legacy series, Melissa and Amy have done a great job incorporating new and previously seen aspects of the Atlantis tv show into this series and maintained the pacing and entertainment value while holding true to the spirit.

Stargate Atlantis: The Furies (Stargate Atlantis, #19)Stargate Atlantis: The Furies by Jo Graham
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The threat of Queen Death escalates not only to every human in Pegasus but also to the factions of Wraith who she is alienating thanks to her scorched earth policy and together they face a stark truth. There is no help or salvation but from themselves and they all know in their hearts that the current dynamic within Pegasus has been shattered forever, for Pegasus to survive will take not only a military alliance but a fundamental shift in attitudes from everyone. This is the situation which has Teyla once again embracing the part of her which is Wraith and taking her place as a Queen for only a Queen can influence and manipulate the events in the direction which could mean a future for all.
The Furies by Jo Graham once again gives its all to lovers of Stargate Atlantis while enhancing and massaging the established canon from the tv series, some may see this as a bad thing but Legacy has to evolve the characters, it would have happened on the tv show and maybe in a similar direction. I still adore diving deep into the Wraith culture and the introduction of Waterlight was beautiful as is how the Wraith see the humans. The overlay of their worldview on the Atlantis command structure and personnel is inspired and makes so much sense and as is often the case it’s the lack of understanding and insight which blocks potential solutions from being seen.
With the revelations and events in The Furies we can only look forward to their consequences in the next Legacy novel “Secrets”, can’t wait.

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Jul 312010

The discovery of dead Goauld in a sealed complex remains a mystery until Daniel believed to be suffering a mental breakdown reveals the true fate of the former Goauld and the resulting impact on members of SG1. Legacy is a very atmospheric episode relying on good cinematography and score to heighten the suspense and foreboding not to mention a chance for Michael Shanks to stretch himself.

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May 082010

SG1 gate into a enclosed room with nothing but a gate and a dhd. On walking over a circle on the floor a device emerges from a wall and Jack looks inside and promptly collapses. Upon waking he seems fine but slowly starts substituting latin sounding words for english and bit by bit his mind is over taken by the alien devices effects.

The rest you have to watch because it’s a great series arc cornerstone episode and my personal favourite of this season and pretty darn close to the best of the series.

Stephen sent us feedback, groovy (getting ready for watching 1969).