Mar 202017

Stargate Universe Top Ten Favourite Episode Poll


Well we were not going to do a favourite episode poll for Stargate Universe due to the more serialised nature of the show and only having forty episodes to choose from but what the hell. The poll will be open for a couple of weeks and we’ll announce the results when we release the Universe wrap up show so select upto ten episodes and we’ll see what the results will be, maybe surprising, maybe not.

Poll Is Now Closed

Jan 142017

Stargate Atlantis Wrap Up Show

This weeks episode of the Gatecast takes a look back at Stargate Atlantis and their five year adventure in the Pegasus galaxy. As we did in the SG1 retrospective (mainly to keep the discussion short) we compiled a few questions and then had a round table type chat, it was fun.

Stargate Atlantis

We did have some recording issues when we lost the primary track so the audio quality is far from perfect but listenable so we hope you enjoy our answers to the various questions, if you have alternatives then feel free to let us know. Our thanks to both Brad and Thomas for joining us for the show, rare we have guests from Australia and America on the same podcast but it worked out ok apart from said recording failure which wasn’t skype’s fault. Next week we are back to our Stargate Universe adventure with the episode Malice and are joined by Stephen so not long to go before we have covered all the live action Stargate made so far.

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We also want to thank everyone that voted in the Stargate Atlantis Favourite Episode Poll, we ended up with eighty responses and of them there were thirty eight people who left contact information and we’re included in the prize draw. If you want to know if you have won then listen to the show, I’ll be contacting the main winner and runner ups in a day or so to make delivery arrangements.

Poll Results…

  1. Rising
  2. McKay and Mrs Miller
  3. Vegas

Jan 092016

Stargate SG1

Well here we are in 2016 with the final bonus episode of this holiday season and it’s a look back at the ten years of Stargate SG1 and incorporates the listener poll which reveals their ten favourite episodes of the series. Along with the poll results we also had the prize draw for the box of Stargate goodies and a few consolation prizes.

We want to extend our thanks to everyone that voted and especially to Thomas, Brad, Scott and Jeff who added their thoughts on SG1 to the show.

Poll Results…

132 Votes

1) Window Of Opportunity

2) 1969

3) The Fifth Race

4) Urgo, Heroes & Solitude

7) 200 & Lost City

9) Divide And Conquer

10) Unending

Poll Results – Episode Votes

Poll Results – Locations

The Stargate SG1 prize draw results are in the podcast, when I have notified the winners the results will be posted on the website:)

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Nov 012015

So I warned you that we would be having a poll for the favourite episode of the entire series of Stargate SG1. I have allowed upto ten selections from the 200+ episodes but be advised I have included two part episodes (with the same name) as one selection thus hopefully not splitting their votes. There will be a prize draw at the end of the poll so as long as we know you have entered and can validate your online identity (Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Email) then you’ll be entered.