Jan 092016

Stargate SG1

Well here we are in 2016 with the final bonus episode of this holiday season and it’s a look back at the ten years of Stargate SG1 and incorporates the listener poll which reveals their ten favourite episodes of the series. Along with the poll results we also had the prize draw for the box of Stargate goodies and a few consolation prizes.

We want to extend our thanks to everyone that voted and especially to Thomas, Brad, Scott and Jeff who added their thoughts on SG1 to the show.

Poll Results…

132 Votes

1) Window Of Opportunity

2) 1969

3) The Fifth Race

4) Urgo, Heroes & Solitude

7) 200 & Lost City

9) Divide And Conquer

10) Unending

Poll Results – Episode Votes

Poll Results – Locations

The Stargate SG1 prize draw results are in the podcast, when I have notified the winners the results will be posted on the website:)

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