Mar 202017

Stargate Universe Top Ten Favourite Episode Poll


Well we were not going to do a favourite episode poll for Stargate Universe due to the more serialised nature of the show and only having forty episodes to choose from but what the hell. The poll will be open for a couple of weeks and we’ll announce the results when we release the Universe wrap up show so select upto ten episodes and we’ll see what the results will be, maybe surprising, maybe not.

Poll Is Now Closed

Mar 132016



Yes indeed it’s that time again, we need your votes for your favourite episode from the fifth season of Stargate Atlantis.

The poll results will be used in the season five wrap up show due to be recorded soon, we appreciate your support:)


Nov 012015

So I warned you that we would be having a poll for the favourite episode of the entire series of Stargate SG1. I have allowed upto ten selections from the 200+ episodes but be advised I have included two part episodes (with the same name) as one selection thus hopefully not splitting their votes. There will be a prize draw at the end of the poll so as long as we know you have entered and can validate your online identity (Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Email) then you’ll be entered.