Mar 132016



Yes indeed it’s that time again, we need your votes for your favourite episode from the fifth season of Stargate Atlantis.

The poll results will be used in the season five wrap up show due to be recorded soon, we appreciate your support:)


  14 Responses to “Favourite Episode from Season 5 of Stargate Atlantis?”

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  2. Yes in other words lots of contenders, thanks for voting 🙂

  3. Shrine was great, too, what with Jeannie and “my friend Arthur”:)) And Daniel-Rodney two-parter! And The Daedalus Variations. And Ghost in the Machine as a last memory of Elizabeth Weir :(((((

  4. I voted for Vegas, this one was amazing! Too bad JF never got to star in CSI-like series… But everything in 5th season was great except for everything that had something with Keller to do; and since she was, like, everywhere :((((((…….

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  7. Two standout episode for very different reasons, a lot of variety in the final season.

  8. I voted for Vegas since it’s so different, but you could make an argument for The Shrine.

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  11. Yes they are, they finished the series strong.

  12. Hmm very hard to decide on season 5 episodes so consistent.

  13. Always is which speaks well for the writers and actors 🙂

  14. Hard choice!

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