Jan 072017


We take a look at the premiere episode of Travelers on this week podcast, one of the bonus shows and delayed a while so that with Showcase and Netflix broadcasts we shouldn’t be spoiling anything. Travelers was created by Brad Wright one of the minds behind the Stargate television franchise and the show features many familiar actors and crew who also graced Stargate with their talents.


Travelers at heart is a time travel series centered on a time of individuals who have returned into their past to prevent a disaster that has global impact, in their time the world and the human race are dying and all their technology is focused on repair the damage done even if it ultimately leads to their own deaths or more accurately their births.

While Travelers is freely available thanks to the Netflix deal (outside of Canada) it can only help but give this opening season the maximum exposure and thus provide the impetus for a second season because after watching the show I really do want to see how the events pan out, it was a pretty good season cliffhanger providing satisfying conclusions to plot elements introduced and opening up some very intriguing options if explored. This premiere episode (also named Travelers) basically introduces us to the main team as they attempt to blend into a world that is very much unlike the one they came from and trying to make no false steps as they are forced to continue the lives of the people they replace. The variety of the group and their situations maximises the story telling options and as the series continues the show just gets better and better as more complexity is added and yes as they change the past their future changes as well. I can highly recommend Travelers to any fan of science fiction and with Eric as the lead his presence really does add a level of audience awareness a lot of shows in the genre would kill for.

Our thanks to Steve for joining to discuss Travelers, at this time he also has watched the entire season and as of yet not really heard a bad thing about it. Next week we are going to doing our Stargate Atlantis retrospective complete with the results of the listener favourite episode poll and then we’re back to our coverage of Universe. We hope you tune in for that and as always we would love to hear your thoughts on anything Stargate or the podcast. Oh and apologies for the fun we’ve had with the website thanks to the hacking and the hosting issues, many a post still has broken links thanks to some hijinks with ftp stored images etc.



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May 022012

Kneel before Brad Wright the maestro behind the Stargate TV franchise.

Brad celebrates his birthday today (May 2nd). He co-created Stargate SG1 (with Jonathan Glassner) and then went onto to co-create Atlantis and Universe both with Rob C Cooper. He is Canadian which we don’t hold against him (joking:) ) and his early work includes The Outer Limits and Poltergeist The Legacy. He produces, writes and on two occasions acted in front of the camera.