Dec 262015

Well here we are covering an episode of series we always said we wouldn’t do but it is a Stargate property even if it’s not canon so for our 20th bonus show sit back and enjoy the Stargate Infinity premiere episode “Decision”.


The Stargate Infinity series is set well into the future of the SGC and in “Decision” the base has been infiltrated by a spy working for an alien species, when an Ancient is discovered they attack the base to claim the prize but a group of SG personnel fight back and escape through the gate with the Ancient and the remainder of the series deals with their adventures as they try to find a way home.

Hand on heart I would like to have said more about this series but it does no credit to the television franchise and is best forgotten however you will recognise some of the voice talent used in the series but what a missed opportunity. Thanks to Brad for once again going above and beyond and next week we are going to be taking a look at an episode of Flashpoint starring Michael Shanks, enjoy the rest of the holidays and stay safe over the new year:)


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