Feb 232014

Caught up with Saving Hope and yes I’ve seen the punch that has been a major talking point throughout the twitter feed but more importantly it was great to see Kate Hewlett guest starring on the episode Twinned Lambs playing Sarah a pregnant woman who has complications. The episode aired on CTV on February the 20th, no date for the UK airings as of yet.

Kate Hewlett IMDB

Saving Hope Official Site & IMDB

We patiently await Kate’s appearance in Debug alongside a few other familiar faces from Stargate.

Dec 212013

Many happy returns of the day to Sarah Mutch who played Celina in the Stargate Universe episode Earth and has appeared on Smallville, Jake 2.0 and Supernatural, she is also a model having been on the cover of Maxim and Cosmo. IMDB  Maxim

Dec 122013

A very happy birthday to Sarah Douglas who played the Tok’ra Garshaw in two episodes of Stargate SG1.
She is certainly better known for playing Ursa in Superman and it’s sequel as well as the evil Pamela in V and starring in the US soap Falcon Crest. Official Site   IMDB   Twitter
Happy Birthday to Jason McKinnon who played Airman Walker in the SG1 episode The Scourge.
He has also appeared on Tru Calling, Smallville, Supernatural and Fringe. IMDB
Jason_McKinnon SarahDouglas

Oct 122013

A very happy birthday to Brian J. Smith who was Lt Matthew Scott on Stargate Universe.
He’s also guest starred on Defiance, Warehouse 13, Coma and is currently on Broadway in
The Glass Menagerie. IMDB  Twitter
Birthday best wishes to Sarah Smyth who appeared twice as Annie Balic in Stargate Universe.
She’s starred in Cedar Cove as Justine and has guest starred on episodes of Supernatural and Shattered.
IMDB  Twitter
Many happy returns of the day to Dion Johnstone the man of many faces on Stargate SG1 in which he appeared in fifteen episodes as many characters, he’s also appeared in Defiance, Flashpoint and The Listener and is in the 2013 season of the Stratford Festival.
IMDB  Twitter  Official Site

BrianJSmith Dion-Johnstone SarahSmyth

Sep 072013

A very happy birthday to Sarah Strange who played Morgan Le Fay & Ganos Lal in Stargate SG1
“The Pegasus Project” and again in the movie The Ark of Truth.
She has also starred in ReGenesis, The Newsroom and Men In Trees.


Aug 262013

I admit I’m a few weeks late to the party as Cedar Cove the new hit show for the Hallmark channel has been lauded in the press and social media since it’s premiered a month or so back. Filmed in Canada and based on the novels by Debbie Macomber it’s lead actress is the talented Andie MacDowell and draws upon the extensive talent from the Vancouver area. The result is a screen full of familiar actors who have been part of the Stargate franchise across it’s three live action series and a few names you will recognise from behind the camera as well.



Teryl Rothery


Elyse Levesque

Barclay Hope

Barclay Hope

Garry Chalk

Garry Chalk

Sarah Smyth

Sarah Smyth

Andrew Airlie

Andrew Airlie

Dylan Neal

Dylan Neal





















Cedar Cove isn’t really a show that is aimed at my demographic but it has echoes of an early Picket Fences which I loved way back when and of course there is no doubt the attraction of actors from the Stargate series and a bonus is Bruce Boxleitner who has appeared in many shows and movies I’ve enjoyed over the years. One thing that can not be questioned is how beautiful the show is shot, the location and the look of the show really combine to make a crisp and clean view of wonderful piece of Canada.

As for the actors I’ve included in this post I’ll leave it up to you to put names/faces into their respective Stargate episodes and I have no doubt as the first season of Cedar Cove continues we’ll see more of them and further guest appearances from our favourite franchise.


Jun 222013

A Very Happy Birthday to Benz Antoine who was a Driver in the SG1 episode “In The Line Of Duty” and has appeared on Rookie Blue, Shattered, 19-2, Death Race and Runaway.
Birthday hugs and best wishes to Sarah Edmondson who was Natania in the Stargate SG1 episode Prophecy as well as guesting on Fringe, Continuum, Andromeda and Edgemont.

Sarah Edmondson   &   Benz Antoine

Sarah Edmondson & Benz Antoine


Dec 122012

A very  happy birthday (December 12th) to one of the queens of Scifi entertainment, Sarah Douglas played Ursa in the Superman series,  the evil Pamela in the original “V” mini series and Deathwalker in Babylon 5. For our purposes she was the Tok’ra leader Garshaw of Belote and host Yosuf in the Stargate SG1 double bill “Tok’ra 1&2”.

Sarah has appeared in 51 episodes of Falcon Crest (US glossy soap) and is currently busy in the tv world and providing voice over for animated projects. IMDB Official Site

Oct 122012

Another busy day for birthdays amongst the cast of the various Stargate shows.

Dion Johnstone who donned the prosthetics for many characters on SG1 has his birthday today (12th October), he brought to life some wonderful creations and would have appeared more on the show but he was in demand. IMDB

Brain J. Smith played Lt Matthew Scott on Stargate Universe and appeared in all 40 episodes. He had the lead in Red Factions:Origin as well as a recurring guest spot on Gossip Girl. IMDB

Last but not least many happy returns to Sarah Smyth who appeared in two episodes of Stargate Universe ( Gauntlet and Life) as Annie Balic. IMDB

Sep 062012

A very happy birthday (September 6th) to Canadian actress Sarah Strange who played Ganos Lal aka Morgan le Fay in Stargate Atlantis, she also went on to reprise the role in The Ark Of Truth movie.  She went onto star in ReGenesis a most excellent science based drama and had roles in Sanctuary, The Killing and Poltergeist:The Legacy. IMDB


Aug 252012

 Daniel begins having very vivid dreams of his early days with Sarah Gardner when he was primarily a  researcher and in these dreams he is studying the tablet which tells of the Lost City of the Ancients. The dreams also allow him to re-experience their budding relationship and maybe not to make the same mistakes but it seems this Sarah is much more understanding, Daniels attempts to translate the table being more important than missing a dinner date. Meanwhile Sam is dating Pete Shanahan a detective she met via her brother and things are progressing well, Sam too to heart the events she lived through on board the Prometheus.

Chimera is very good episode which ties in long standing characters and arc while introducing a significant other in the form of a serious love interest for Sam, one that not only survives their first encounters but also she believes is capable of accepting and supporting her career. The return of Sarah Gardner aka Osiris is well done which again makes use of the stolen Asgard technology to make it possible, we seriously begin to wonder how much more powerful Anubis can be and if he has already integrated all of the Asgard tech stolen from the mind of Thor and the information gleamed from Jonas.

She watches while you sleep..

Chimera gave us some important road marks on the path to the stage of Stargate SG1 and the overall franchise, the final appearance of Sarah Gardner and the demise of another former System Lord. Sam finally growing beyond her own enforced belief that she is defined by her work and also noting Jacks total acceptance of the fact. Teal’s likes his donuts and Daniel sees the discovery of the Lost City worth risking his life for.

Rocking the girly look.

This weeks promo is from The Scifi Diner and next week we are discussing the episode “Death Knell” another strong Sam episode along with again significant movement in the overall arcs. Join us and let us know what you think of the show and of the Stargate series/episodes we cover.


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Apr 022011

We delve into Daniels past as a former professor dies and Daniel is reunited with a close friend and another colleague but all is not what it seems. Amongst the professors work are artefacts which are Goauld and more worryingly one seems to a be container for a symbiote, Daniel remains tight lipped but then evidence suggests there is a Goauld on the loose having escaped from another container and desperate to find it’s freedom from this world and learn the fates of those that trapped it.

The Curse is a good look into Daniels life before he published his alien theories, he seemed to be favoured within his community and was prepared to sacrifice relationships when he followed the path of his research. We get a couple of good guest stars this week with Anna Louise Plowman playing Sarah and Ben Bass playing Steven both characters bring flavour to the story and well Anna Louise does look good in flowing robes/pants.

I don’t want to be here!