Apr 022011

We delve into Daniels past as a former professor dies and Daniel is reunited with a close friend and another colleague but all is not what it seems. Amongst the professors work are artefacts which are Goauld and more worryingly one seems to a be container for a symbiote, Daniel remains tight lipped but then evidence suggests there is a Goauld on the loose having escaped from another container and desperate to find it’s freedom from this world and learn the fates of those that trapped it.

The Curse is a good look into Daniels life before he published his alien theories, he seemed to be favoured within his community and was prepared to sacrifice relationships when he followed the path of his research. We get a couple of good guest stars this week with Anna Louise Plowman playing Sarah and Ben Bass playing Steven both characters bring flavour to the story and well Anna Louise does look good in flowing robes/pants.

I don’t want to be here!



  2 Responses to “Episode 78 The Curse”

  1. Nice, the subconscious poking you in the brain:)

  2. Ok, I know this is terrible but I swear it was not intentional, my wife and I named our first born, Daniel (after me) and if we have a daughter her name will be Sarah. We decided this and then watched this episode later, relizing how deep Stargate runs through our veins.

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