Oct 012016

Mike Dopud

Mike Dopud

Tsawwassen’s Mike Dopud says he’s always been fascinated with movies and that he’s always wanted to be an actor.

“But it was never something I thought I could do growing up in the suburbs of. . .

Source: Delta Optimist Actor takes pro approach

Aug 102016

Hellblazer – Mike Dopud Interview



This is a darker version of what some expect virtual reality to be – One of Mike’s comments on Virtual Revolution, a new film coming soon which is leads in. Mike is a renowned  actor with over 150 credits to his name, including Smallville, Continuum, Mistresses and more. Hear him talk about what got him…


Source: Mike Dopud – Virtual Revolution | Ramblings of a Hellblazer

Dec 152015

Mike Dopud is a familiar face in the world of science fiction film and television, but if his life were a movie,

Netflix would probably categorize it as Action-Adventure Sci-fi Dramedy.


Source: The sci-fi life of Mike Dopud

Sep 212014

Great to see Garwin Sanford make his first appearance on Cedar Cove in the season 2 episode Secrets and Lies, he plays the shady Colin who it seems has or had a very close relationship with one or two of the townsfolk and another guest spot for Mike Dopud who returns as the private eye Roy Macafee.

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May 272014

Noah Danby plays Zachary Cain in the Canadian produced drama Bitten, the show is based on the novels by Kelley Armstrong and takes a more mature look at the current werewolf genre.


Mike Dopud guest starred on Motive in the recent episode “Dead End” as Michael Boxton, Mike seems to be keeping himself busy appearing on many of the shows I watch on a regular basis.



Dec 142013

It seems I am always playing catch up but I managed to watch an episode of White Collar tonight and Mike Dopud was the main guest star, granted he was playing a pretty much by the numbers bad guy but once again he proves how talented he is with his voice and mannerisms when portraying characters from various backgrounds. The last time I saw him on screen he was as western European as they come and this time Russian and I believed them both despite having seen him be “himself” I guess playing roles that didn’t need accent tailoring, mind you he is fluent in three languages so it’s certainly doesn’t harm his range:)

Ice Breaker (White Collar S5E6) Official Site

Mike Dopud’s   IMDB & Twitter


Nov 162013

Mike Dopud (SG1, SGU & SGA) is guest starring in a couple of episodes (so far) of Covert Affairs which is currently airing on the USA Network in the states. Mike’s IMDB Twitter


I’m slowly but surely catching up with the latest bunch of episodes:)  Covert Affairs Official Site