Dec 162013

Many congratulations to Willie Garson ( Martin Lloyd in SG1 ) for his directorial debut in the White Collar episode Quantico Closure which aired on the fifth of December. He also plays the character of Mozzie in the series who is wonderfully convoluted and a joy to watch:)

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Dec 142013

It seems I am always playing catch up but I managed to watch an episode of White Collar tonight and Mike Dopud was the main guest star, granted he was playing a pretty much by the numbers bad guy but once again he proves how talented he is with his voice and mannerisms when portraying characters from various backgrounds. The last time I saw him on screen he was as western European as they come and this time Russian and I believed them both despite having seen him be “himself” I guess playing roles that didn’t need accent tailoring, mind you he is fluent in three languages so it’s certainly doesn’t harm his range:)

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