Dec 162013

Many congratulations to Willie Garson ( Martin Lloyd in SG1 ) for his directorial debut in the White Collar episode Quantico Closure which aired on the fifth of December. He also plays the character of Mozzie in the series who is wonderfully convoluted and a joy to watch:)

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Mar 192011

The SGC or more accurately Jack receives a phone call from a mysterious guy who seems to know an awful lot about the existence of the Stargate as well as every conspiracy in the book. A meeting reveals what seems to be a harmless kook but he has gate co-ordinates and it’s not paranoia when a group of men are actually watching you and they then kidnap Sam and Daniel. The truth is eventually uncovered and it’s all about Murray.

Don’t I Know You?

Point of No Return makes good use of the Vancouver woodland to actually mimic real Earth trees which makes a nice change and this episode has extensive location shooting. Our hapless hero Marty is played wonderfully by Willie Garson an actor you may not know the name of but will certainly recognise and one the protagonist is played by Matthew Bennett both actors return to the show at a later date. This is a fun episode which exploits the dynamic of the main cast and adds an excellent character who works very well especially with Jack and Teal’c as his humour plays counterpoint to the stoicism and suspicion of the two SG1 members.