Nov 022014

Here are three recent interviews with Richard Dean Anderson recorded when he attended the recent conventions in Australia and New Zealand, judging from our twitter feeds the conventions were a major success especially for the Stargate fan. Many thanks to MacGyver Online, 0800 Tardis and David Farrier for sharing these videos, check out more of their work.


Jun 022013

Jewel Staite at last weeks Phoenix comicon in a solo panel talking about her time on Firefly, Stargate Atlantis, The LA Complex and her life in and out of television. Alan once again can be heard asking a question at around the 9 minute 20 second mark:)

Jun 012013

The Amanda Tapping panel at Phoenix Comicon, Alan is there somewhere:)

Feb 162013

News from this years Shore Leave 35 is that Amanda Tapping is scheduled to attend the August 2nd through 4th convention along with William Shatner and Julie Caitlin Brown. Other guests include some very big authors from the Trek and Scifi genres which includes Keith R.A. DeCandidoA.C. CrispinAaron Rosenberg and Michael Jan Friedman.


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Nov 112012

Teryl performing at the 2007 SG1 Convention in Vancouver alongside Carmen and Cliff:)

Thanks to @SathyaGrace for tweeting the video:)