May 082016

Jewel Staite

Castle seems to be hitting a rocky patch as the eighth season draws to a close, the studio seems desperate to give the show a ninth season even to the extent of ditching two of the female actors including Stana. The show like many that have lost their way has gotten a little silly at times and instead of going back to the formula which made it a success the suits don’t seem to have a clue.

Anyhow at least they continue to get some good guest stars even though at this point it smacks of fan appeasement to offset negative press but yay Jewel Staite guest starred on the recent episode “Much Ado About Murder” playing Erin Cherloff.

Nov 132013


David Blue guest starred in the recent episode of Castle “A Murder is Forever” playing Kyle, personally I think he is in disguise as a mild mannered assistant with a sort of Clark Kent persona, what do you think?

It’s been a while since David graced a Stargate set and we certainly miss Eli Wallace one of the success stories of Stargate Universe and for sure a good guest star spot on a hit show is icing but we want cake so lets hope he gets himself a lead role in the near future. Until then roll on the guest spots and podcasting:)
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Nov 092013

Yes I know we are always a few days behind but that’s the global television market, timezones and well truth be told only so much time in the day to watch telly be it series, movies or documentaries.
Anyhow I watched this weeks Castle last night knowing that Alexis Cruz was going to guest star
and he got a meaty role playing Lyle Gomez in the 7th episode of the sixth season entitled “Like Father, Like Daughter”.


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Mar 282013

I just watched the Castle episode “The Wild Rover” S5E18 and spotted an oh so familiar face playing Maggie Finch.



Christina Cox appeared in two episodes of Stargate SG1 first as the alien “T’akaya” in Spirits then as Lieutenant Kershaw in The Sentinel. Christina popped up again in the excellent Atlantis episode”Whispers” playing the SG unit commander Major Anne Teldy.
She has also starred in Blood Ties, FX The Series and Defying Gravity.

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Feb 272013

Christopher Heyerdahl guest starred in “Hunt” the second part of a double bill in this weeks Castle playing Jacque Henri a mysterious man who comes to Castle’s aid. Christopher appeared in twenty two episodes of Stargate Atlantis and a single episode of SG1 as well as recurring roles on Sanctuary, True Blood and the Twilight series of movies.

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Christopher and Nathan - Castle S5E16 "Hunt"

Christopher and Nathan – Castle S5E16 “Hunt”