Mar 252015

On the latest episode of David’s podcast “Out of the Blue” he chats with another former Stargate actor Alexis Cruz, many thanks to Geek Nation for allowing the embedding of the podcast¬†and for some cracking shows in and out of our favourite genre ūüôā

Jul 242014

David Blue chats with Torri Higginson on the latest episode of his podcast Out of the Blue, many thanks to David and Geeknation for allowing the podcast to be shared and embedded:)


Mar 262014

David Blue talks to¬†Alaina Huffman on Geeknation’s Out Of The Blue.

Nov 132013


David Blue guest starred in the recent episode of Castle “A Murder is Forever” playing Kyle, personally I think he is in disguise as a mild mannered assistant with a sort of Clark Kent persona, what do you think?

It’s been a while since David graced a Stargate set and we certainly miss Eli Wallace one of the success stories of Stargate Universe and for sure a good guest star spot on a hit show is icing but we want cake so lets hope he gets himself a lead role in the near future. Until then roll on the guest spots and podcasting:)
ABC Castle Site
David Blue Official Site¬† ¬†Out of the Blue¬†¬†David’s Twitter & IMDB

Aug 242013

I’ve been catching up with the Tweet Out shows on the GeekNation website and David talks quite a bit about Stargate so pretty relevant, that aside he’s an interesting guy and his podcast Out Of The Blue and indeed GeekNation itself are both excellent sources of entertainment.

Apr 032013

Shades of Stargate Universe with Peter and David but a lot more to these two guys than a science fiction show cruelly cancelled.

Mar 082013

Out of the Blue the second episode from David Blue’s podcast this week featuring Robert Picardo of Voyager and Stargate with many a tv show and movie in between.