Mar 252015

On the latest episode of David’s podcast “Out of the Blue” he chats with another former Stargate actor Alexis Cruz, many thanks to Geek Nation for allowing the embedding of the podcast and for some cracking shows in and out of our favourite genre 🙂

Aug 202014

GeekNation hosted Robert Davi on their Tweet Out show this week, many thanks to them for allowing embedding but go visit their site for news, features and podcasts:)

Robert’s Twitter IMDB & Website

Jul 242014

David Blue chats with Torri Higginson on the latest episode of his podcast Out of the Blue, many thanks to David and Geeknation for allowing the podcast to be shared and embedded:)


Mar 262014

David Blue talks to Alaina Huffman on Geeknation’s Out Of The Blue.

Sep 162013

Alexis Cruz (Skaara Stargate, SG1) pays the show another visit along with
Heather Harris and they tall cosplay, Stargate and Harley Quinn.

Aug 242013

I’ve been catching up with the Tweet Out shows on the GeekNation website and David talks quite a bit about Stargate so pretty relevant, that aside he’s an interesting guy and his podcast Out Of The Blue and indeed GeekNation itself are both excellent sources of entertainment.