Mar 252015

On the latest episode of David’s podcast “Out of the Blue” he chats with another former Stargate actor Alexis Cruz, many thanks to Geek Nation for allowing the embedding of the podcast and for some cracking shows in and out of our favourite genre 🙂

Nov 092013

Yes I know we are always a few days behind but that’s the global television market, timezones and well truth be told only so much time in the day to watch telly be it series, movies or documentaries.
Anyhow I watched this weeks Castle last night knowing that Alexis Cruz was going to guest star
and he got a meaty role playing Lyle Gomez in the 7th episode of the sixth season entitled “Like Father, Like Daughter”.


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Mar 192013

Alexis Cruz (Skaara from Stargate and SG1) talks about his time on the movie and the television show and his graphic novel series “The Unprofessionals” which can be found on A Sociopathic Bromance website.

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