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SF Debris reviews one of the fan favourites from the whole of the Stargate franchise, Wormhole X-Treme!

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Dec 152012

avatar2 Thirty Eighty minutes is the length of time a wormhole will remain active without serious manipulation via huge amounts of energy to sustain it so when a puddle jumper is trapped in a space gate and partially within the event horizon the clock is ticking. To make matters worse Sheppard has been bitten by some sort of giant instinct which has disturbingly similar traits to the Wraith by feeding on his life force when it is damaged and even attempts to free the ship may implode it’s power core and the energy will feed back to Atlantis with catastrophic results.

Thirty Eights minutes is a very good episode to have in the first season of any scifi show, we get plenty of character development as well as action and brings in more secondary characters who may or may not been seen again and if so only seasons later. This episode also lays a lot of the practical groundwork for the emergence of the Wraith which went hand in hand with the genetic manipulation the Ancients did in the Pegasus galaxy.

Touch it, I dare you.

Touch it, I dare you.

Sheppard doesn’t really have much to do whilst strapped to the bulkhead of the jumper but is the focal point of the events onboard and also in the events on the Wraith world they visited, it was there that they realised that the “mountain” had been a rather large space ship which had pulled up it’s roots and flew away.

Wasn't there a mountain here?

Wasn’t there a mountain here?

We also get introduced to Dr Kavanagh played by Ben Cotton, he is written as a annoying individual and played wonderfully as such and of course Dr Radek Zelenka my personal favourite character from Atlantis played to a tee by David Nykel. The only really strange piece of the story is the clash of cultures between Weir and Halling although that was probably a ham fisted attempt to strengthen the events in the following episode.

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Sep 032011

  Wormhole X-Treme! is a television show in production which tells the story of 4 intrepid explorers who travel through a circular device which houses a wormhole, show creator is one Martin Lloyd aka Marty who the SGC met a year or so back and discovered he was an alien along with others of his race living on the Earth. The SGC are willing to let this show be made as a double bluff, it automatically debunks many potential claims that the Stargate program is real but then a ship is tracked moving in the solar system and identified as being Martin’s mothership so Jack goes undercover at the tv studio to make contact.

Sweet Ride

This of course is the 100th episode of Stargate SG1 hence spoofing themselves in truly a cheesy manner and for the longest time I really wasn’t over impressed with this celebration of all things Stargate but truth be told I’ve taken a lot more from it this time around. The antics on set with the 4 actors playing parodies of SG1 along with all the cameos from the production staff and yes the basic story which concludes the Martin Lloyd story arc (for now).

Anyhow not only do we get all the in-jokes and spot the crew games but the filming using the real studios and back lots adds much to the flavour of the episode and again building on previous characters/stories tends to work more often than not. We also get an expansion of the NID in relation to how they co-exist with the SGC, lots of interesting stuff to come there with Agent Barrett.

Mind the Dead Bodies

Is Wormhole X-Treme! a fitting celebration of the 100th episode of Stargate? Well yes it is but maybe the blend of the spoof and the main story wasn’t as neat as it could have been and maybe that was why I wasn’t keen on this episode for so many years but it does pay off if you commit fully to getting every reference and homage out of it.

Thanks to Adriana and Thomas for joining us for this cast, it was a lot of fun.

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