Jun 142015

Well SF Debris delivered again with two excellent reviews for the Stargate Atlantis two parter (actually season finale and premiere) The Storm and The Eye.

Mar 062015
McKay and Mrs Miller an Opinionated Review of this excellent Stargate Atlantis episode courtesy of SF Debris
Jan 242015

The latest Opinionated Review is for the classic episode of Stargate SG1 “The Fifth Race”, thanks to SF Debris for covering the show 🙂

Dec 032014

The Stargate Atlantis episode The Game is given an Opinionated Review, we’ll be covering this episode ourselves shortly but I doubt we will be as insightful or interesting 🙂
Visit the SF Debris website and let him know how much you like his work:)

Oct 012014

The early Asgard episodes were highly entertaining and full of potential and still some of my favourites, thanks to SF Debris for allowing the embedding of the Thor’s Chariot video and pay a visit to his website, lots of videos covering many shows and all fun.

Sep 102014

Elyse Levesque
Elyse was Chloe Armstrong in Stargate Universe and has a recurring role on Cedar Cove as Maryellen and Genevieve in The Originals, she has also guest starred on Smallville, Sons of Liberty, Flash Gordon and 2030CE. IMDB  Twitter  Official Site
Lindsay Maxwell
Lindsay played La’el Montrose in the Stargate SG1 episode Space Race and has appeared on Special Unit 2, Blood Ties and Supernatural. IMDB Official Site
Biski Gugushe
Biski appeared in four episodes of Stargate SG1 playing a SF Guard and SG11 leader, he was also on Battlestar Galactica and guest starred on Fringe, Smallville, Psych and Cedar Cove. IMDB  Twitter

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Jul 122014

The third and final part in the excellent Opinionated Review of Stargate Atlantis  premiere Rising via SF Debris who we thank for posting and allowing the videos to be embedded and shared, check out his website for more Stargate and other genre show reviews.

Jul 092014

Here we are with part 2 of 3, an opinionated review of Rising the premiere of Stargate Atlantis. Many thanks to SF Debris

Jul 082014

Woohoo, here we go with part 1 of 3 and opinionated review of Rising the premiere of Stargate Atlantis. Huge thanks to SF Debris

Jun 112014

The latest Stargate opinionated review from SFDebris is the classic Torment of Tantalus although always felt the title had a very Star Trek feel to it:)


Jan 142014

SF Debris reviews one of the fan favourites from the whole of the Stargate franchise, Wormhole X-Treme!

Visit his site for more Stargate and oodles of other scifi reviews such as Star Trek, Red Dwarf and Doctor Who.

Jun 042013

The episode The Enemy Within was requested by a supporter of Charles’s work so we owe thanks to both of them:)