Jun 112016

Air Part 3

Steve and Jeff are back for the final part of this season opener, Air Part 3. In this episode which once again picks up where the second left off the chosen few from Destiny are exploring the first alien world they have been able to gate too after Destiny came out of FTL. Rush has made a play to always be at the center of things so while Young isn’t convinced he should leave the ship he allows it but makes sure Eli goes along as well for the reasons explained in the previous episode. On this desert world the team begin to search for the compound required to use in the ships atmospheric filters and batting zero they split up. Soon members of the group led by Eli seize the Kino and gate interface and return to the gate intent on going to another world. Eli does his best but he is unable to prevent the armed insurrection but the guy does try:) Two of the group go through the Stargate but Greer prevents the DHD from following them and he leaves Eli to watch over Rush who proved to be a bit of a nuisance on this mission. Greer then goes in search of Scott who is having hallucinations or maybe influenced by an native intelligence of this world. This being provides water and then reveals the compound they have been searching for. Scott and Greer  make haste getting back to the stargate as the Destiny FTL timer countdown and Eli sticks his arm in the event horizon which gives them a few extra seconds to get home before the ship jumps. The two people that went through the gate are abandoned, Franklin has his gun shot wound dressed and the rest of the group are suffering from sunburn and dehydration but for now as fresh air circulates through the ship the danger is over…

Air Part 3

Air Part 3 is another great episode of Stargate Universe and as I have said before it’s hard to quantify it’s value as a standalone when you take into consideration how well structured this three part story has been. Once again there was great dialogue and character interaction between the main and minor players in this drama and the scenes in White Sands were visually stunning, money and time well spent by the production.
Our thanks again to Jeff and Steve for joining us for the show and they will be taking a break as next week we are going to be taking a look at the episode Darkness with Thomas so we hope you join us for that and if you have the inclination pay a visit to

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Jul 122014

The third and final part in the excellent Opinionated Review of Stargate Atlantis  premiere Rising via SF Debris who we thank for posting and allowing the videos to be embedded and shared, check out his website for more Stargate and other genre show reviews.