Oct 032015

avatar2 Teyla returns from Earth after an interview with a new IOA rep Mr James Coolidge, Ronon is facing the same and he seems calm about it but Sam is having doubts and recruits Teal’c to Atlantis to offer some insight and his experience to Ronon, however Ronon is in no mood to be tutored on dealing with the IOA on Earth and after drawing his weapon on Teal’c the two retire to the gym for some hand to hand diplomacy. After about an hour of the two beating the crap out of each other Sam breaks the fight up and the two get ready to travel to Earth via the intergalactic gate bridge with a 24 hour stop off at Midway station. Unbeknown to them a Wraith cruiser has landed on a planet which hosts one of the Stargates used in the bridge and hacked into the system (perhaps with knowledge gleaned from Todd’s time in the city) and a force of warriors gate to Midway and brutally take it over. Dr Lee and two other SGC personnel (Dr Kavanagh is one) prevent the immediate travel onto Earth which allows Ronon and Teal’c to do what they are best at but eventually the Earth gate is accessed and a device sent through followed by more warriors, Ronon and Teal’c pursue.


John and his team access the bridge via a Stargate that is further into the system than the compromised one and bring the fight to Midway and eventually kill all but one of the Wraith after venting the atmosphere, John is trapped and dying but has to fight off the final Wraith while the rest of the SGC personnel abandon Midway in a jumper, it wouldn’t be Stargate if a new toy doesn’t get blown up within a few episodes. This time it’s the fault of Kavanagh who had tried to override the lockout and tipped a booby trap one Rodney had carefully avoided so boom Midway is no more and the survivors are adrift for a week waiting patiently for rescue.

Midway is a top notch action based episode, the armours, stuntman and cgi specialists really went to town and produced some excellent close quarter combat set pieces, praise to Christopher and Jason for doing some fantastic work as well and of course Bill and Ben (yeah I know) for their banter. I’ve got to offer my thanks to Brad for joining me on the podcast as Alan was in the middle of his move and of course a tip of the hat to Bill for his itunes review. Speaking of which we’d love a few more so don’t be shy, if you listen via itunes then rate the show and gives us a review, we would be very appreciative. This weeks promo is for The Starling Tribune the podcast I listen to for all me Arrow chat and information and next week we are going to be looking at the Atlantis episode The Kindred Part 1.




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