Aug 132011

  Whilst paying respects at the funeral of Omac a leader of the Tollan people SG1 are invited to return to Tollana and discuss the acquisition of advanced technology something which has always been denied them before. Narim the doomed guy who quite fancies Sam (and the feeling is returned to a certain degree) is concerned as the change in his worlds policy feels wrong even more so when it is said Omac’s death was the catalyst.

You know Jack is thinking “mines bigger”

As it turns out the council offers the Earth a big honking space gun capable of orbital firing and taking out ships but one wouldn’t be enough we would need at least 38 plus redundancy but surprisingly in return for the mineral Trinium that’s what they will give them. As all the alarms bells start ringing the investigation into the death of Omac indicates he may have been murdered and a widespread cover up is under way but the ultimate purpose is still unclear until the discovery of what the Trinium is being used for and who is responsible for the change in policy.

Rather nice work place

I’ve said it before but I personally enjoy episodes which build on previous outings as it’s a pay off for not only being a long term fan but it all adds depth to a series, everything can become important or explored. Narim of course has been circling Sam on and off since “Enigma” with Garwin Sanford playing the role to perfection so it’s was mildly disappointing the episode ended how it did. Of course this episode isn’t just a call back to the Tollan but the Goa’uld make their presence known and mix in the effects of the protected planets treaty with the Asgard we get a fairly deep episode. All in all it was very good, some nice character work, good mix of plot points and excellent CGI/Matt work not only for a TV show but for a production period.



Nov 062010

Jack goes off the deep end and steals some Tollan technology after diplomatic discussions fail to provide the Earth with more advanced technology. Faced with alienating the Tollan the device is returned and Jack is allowed to save face (and jail time) by resigning but after a week he is already bored and then gets an interesting offer.

Shades Of Grey follows on from the events in Pretense and as before the Tollan are reluctant to provide advanced technologies to other races in fear of the use they will be put to even if by default they are not military hardware. They have a valid point but events which first began back in Touchstone as Earth humans are operating behind the backs of the SGC and maybe the results they get are not worth risking the goodwill of worlds the SGC (well SG1) have encountered. A third episode is even touched on as Jack requests retirement to the planet Edora (100 Days) which in context makes a lot of sense for the character.

Shades Of Grey is not the beginning of the political or third party faction arc which runs throughout most of the mid series season but it is significant as we see a well organised and effective group exploiting the work of the SGC. This situation will expand greatly over the next few seasons and thankfully the series never gets itself to embedded with the hard drama, they always keep it accessible for fans while adding a new angle to the show.

Not quite SG1