Jun 272015

avatar Ronon and Telya visit a small village after reports of three people who are reputed to be very efficient Wraith killers, it turns out they are all Satedans and as luck would have it friends of Ronon to boot. As you would expect Ronon is eager to have them return to Atlantis but it’s new commander Colonel Samantha Carter denies his request based on security concerns but a compromise is made when a plan is needed to infiltrate a Wraith science lab where experiments on breaking the Asuran (Replicator) code are being undertaken. Atlantis supplies a jumper and a team and together with the three Satedans they raid the complex but things soon go wrong and only Ronon escapes and we Rodney discovers that the three Satedans (Tyre, Ara and Rakai)  have betrayed them are working with the Wraith.

Reunion (25)

Ronon along with some support return to the Wraith complex and he goes in search of his friends while the Atlantis personnel free the prisoners, they both learn of the betrayal and Ronon is shocked that after billions of his people died there were soldiers who took the silver coin of the Wraith and as emotions run high an epic three on one fight breaks out, then a knife is drawn and moments later two are dead with Ronon bruised and bloodied left standing as his true friends find him and they all go home only to find that Rodney has happily helped himself to an item Ronon left behind.

Reunion is a solid episode and continues the tradition of having the third episode in a season Ronon centric despite this being the first official episode broadcast that has Amanda Tapping bringing Sam Carter to take command of Atlantis. We’ve also seen other Satedans and truth be told when you add these three it has to be said those that survived (apart from Ronon) were not great examples of the compassion, integrity and courage we’ve seen from the big man. It was also good to see Jason get some good emotive dialogue delivered with gentleness, irritation and aggression when required. Lots of credit has to go to the casting department for the three guest stars who all brought something to their roles, they were all exceptional with Mark (Trye) bringing his stunt/fighting skills to the role and yes a tip of the hat to the director and camera operators for hiding Rachel’s baby bump and stuntwomen who allowed Kyra (Ara) to fight well as she was early into her pregnancy as well.
Overall a solid early season episode, lots of action and some great stunt work and background story padding coupled with the fresh start that Carter brings to the show.

Thank you to Brad for joining me this week (Alan was on hiatus again) and thanks to Ian for the five star UK itunes review, both of you are totally appreciated:)
This weeks promo is for Voices Of Defiance podcast which has returned and is taking a good look at the third season of Defiance currently airing globally on Syfy and its sister channels. Next week Alan returns and we are going to be taking a look at the fourth episode in the season “Doppelganger”, we hope you can join us for that and feel free to get in touch and let us know what you think of the show.




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