Aug 022014

avatar¬†Well here we are for the premiere episode of the third season of Stargate Atlantis No Man’s Land and we pick up after the two Wraith Hive ships double crossed the rather short sighted humans and set sail¬†towards the Milky Way with the navigation data and specs on an upgraded hyperdrive, oh they also have McKay and Ronon just in case they get peckish on the trip. Meanwhile Weir is ordered back to Earth to face the consequences of her actions as once again the IOA flex their muscles after the fact but thankfully she has allies in the General and to a lesser degree Woolsey himself. The Daedalus and Orion are ordered to intercept the hive ships despite both being well under par but with Earth as the target there is no other option and the chase is on. As the battle is joined the Daedalus fires all it’s nukes and even though one gets through the Hive survives but as Major Lorne commanding the Orion engages he has to sacrifice his ships shield to route power to it’s drones but is successful is taking the hive down leaving the Daedalus to take on the remaining Hive with an epic stalemate the result but there is one last role of the dice.

Way to make an entrance

Way to make an entrance

No Man’s Land is a gem of a season opener, we just straight back into the drama of McKay and Ronon stuck on the hive but with the brains and brawn that won’t last too long and of course it helps Michael is helping John who managed to get a ride on the Hive when it entered hyperspace, it was a good choice to have his fighter damaged even though in reality he should be space dust but at least we get plenty of fun and games as the four of them are running around the hive ship avoiding some very upset Wraith. The orders to Caldwell and Lorne were epic, they had to engage the hives no matter what the consequences and the visual effects studios did the show proud with some stunning space combat and some even better set piece more refined slower moving shots, the spinning view of the Daedalus and the galactic background is to die for. Meanwhile we get more Woolsey and the IOA but that gives us a fantastic scene with General Landry and Elizabeth which once again shows she can act alongside anyone and has been criminally wasted on the show.

So the decision to use the retrovirus once again, granted not much option as life support on the Daedalus has failed but the consequences will be far reaching and maybe with mixed results for the this and the following seasons.
Many thanks to Brad for joining us even though he was tight on free time and thanks to **ECM** for the excellent five star review over on the US itunes site. Thanks for the discussion over on the Facebook group, chat over on our G+ page and as always the constant banter on twitter which concentrates on Stargate but can cover so many topics in and out of genre. This weeks promo is for Nutty Bites and next week we are back with SG1 for the episode Morpheus so we hope you join us for that and please feel free to get in touch, we would love to hear from you about any aspect of our show and more importantly Stargate:)



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