Apr 192016

Warren Takeuchi
Warren appeared as a young doctor in the Stargate SG1 episode The Enemy Within. He has appeared on shows such as The X-Files, First Wave, Da Vinci’s Inquest, Babylon 5 Legend of the Rangers and True Justice as well as Godzilla and War. IMDB
Mary Jo Slater
Mary was the casting director for 65 episodes of Stargate SG1 and also worked with Eureka, Poltergeist: The Legacy, Babylon 5, Walker Texas Ranger, Perception, Killer Women and Mistresses.
She is the mother of Christian Slater. IMDB
Edward A. Duran
Edward is a stuntman who has worked within the tv and movie industry for many years, his only work on Stargate was in the Universe episode The Greater Good. He has also worked on Breaking Bad, Banshee, Sicario, Interstellar and The Messengers. IMDB

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Aug 092012

A Very Happy Birthday to the scrumptious Rhona Mitra who played Kiva the Lucian Alliance Commander in Stargate Universe. She has also appeared in Nip/Tuck (very sexy), The Gates (Great Vampire) and Boston Legal (deadly and gorgeous) as well as one of the many models who took on the Lara Croft guise for the Tomb Raider games promotional band wagon. IMDB








Also today James Lafazanos celebrates his birth, he has played a   number of Wraith characters on Stargate Atlantis as well as appearing in Covert Affairs, BSG and Sanctuary.  IMDB –  Interview

Last but not least Marya Delver who played “Layale” in the SG1 episode Past And Present celebrates her birth, her most recent work has been on the excellent series “Son of Anarchy”.  IMDB