Apr 052014

So I’ve started the second season of Motive which is currently airing on CTV, the premiere episode of this season was Raw Deal which as usual featured a number of former Stargate actors in starring and recurring roles as well a notable guest star. So as usual Louis Ferreira stars in the show as Detective Oscar Vega and his boss Boyd Bloom is played by Roger Cross with Brendan Penny as Det. Brian Lucas. A guest star this week was the one and only Tom McBeath who played Dave Chissolm and I’m sure it’s not just me but I also look for familiar names who have worked behind the camera and in this case John G. Lenic who is the shows producer.

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May 282013

Louis Ferreira guest starred in “Surprises” the season four premiere of the Canadian cop drama Rookie Blue which aired on the 23rd of May, the episode picks up roughly 6 months after the season three  finale which saw two of the “rookies” go undercover. I’ve been watching the show since it began and following Missy from her stint on Reaper and of course Ben Bass who has guest starred in a single episode of Stargate SG1.

Louis is really making an impact as a guest star on some good high end dramas as well as starring in the excellent Motive, another reason why a return to the Stargate franchise seems further away for many former stars who are having success with other shows. No airdate yet for the UK.


Feb 092013

Louis Ferreira plays Oscar Vega in the new Canadian television series “Motive” which co-stars Kristen Lehman and Lauren Holly and premiered last week.
Roger R. Cross and Cameron Bright (both SG1) also appear in the series premiere. The second episode airs on CTV on Sunday.
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