May 062012

A very happy birthday to Kavan J Smith for Sunday 6th May.


Kavan has guest starred and had recurring roles on numerous scifi genre shows and tv/dvd movies, he always delivers a fun performance and right now is one of the great characters on Eureka. He also comes across as both a guy you would be very happy to drink with but also to keep away from your sister or even gf/missus, he’s too good looking by half.


Stargate SG1/Stargate Atlantis: Major Evan Lorne

Eureka: Deputy/Sheriff Andy

BSG:   Lt. Richard ‘Buster’ Bayer

Sanctuary:   Joe Kavanaugh/Cavanaugh

The 4400:    Jed Garrity




Also on the 6th Carlos Lauchu who played Anubis in the Stargate theatrical movie celebrates his birthday.