May 042013

avatar¬†As rogue system lords retreat into previously exploited regions of the galaxy the Tokra inform the SGC that one world is soon to be retaken and that is where they left Harry Maybourne to live out his days, obviously he has an in depth knowledge of the Earth and the SGC so SG1 pay him a visit. It isn’t that much of a shock to find Harry has become the King to this small community thanks to his ability to translate Ancient writings which foretell future events, by saving the population from a flood he earned their thanks and the belief he is a seer and thus worthy of their almost worship like devotion.

It’s Good to be King is the final tale in the Harry Maybourne journey from being a highly suspicious military and intelligence officer with links to the NID and other devious goings on through a time as a rogue operative almost mercenary until eventually aiding Jack and the SGC albeit with a few bumps in the road. Despite the objectionable state of affairs on the planet it seems that Harry has overall been a very positive influence on the community and maybe he’s finally found his place in the galaxy.

So do you fancy being the Queen?

So do you fancy being the Queen?

The added bonus of this story is that once again we get Jack putting on his glasses and strapping on the P90 and going off world and like it or not Jack and Harry have great chemistry and the humour comes through with flare and style. The discovery of the Ancient puddle jumper and the time device lays the groundwork for the season finale as well as tieing into the Atlantis storyline in “Before I Sleep” which works wonderfully. Sam, Teal’c and Daniel all contribute well to the episode despite not being the focus of attention and the two main guest actors perform well in their roles.

Hi, I'm Jack.

Hi, I’m Jack.

A huge thank you to Adrianna and Thomas who joined us for this weeks show, they will return and thanks to Brad who sent into some audio feedback. For the second month running we’ve seen a small bump in downloads so a big thank you to everyone who has been listening both old and new. This weeks promo is from The Holodeck a Star Trek podcast from the Trek Mate family and next week we return to Atlantis for Sanctuary. We would love to hear from you about “It’s Good to be King” or “Sanctuary” and Stargate in general, feel free to use any of the various portals/sites or this websites options for feedback and if you fancy it an itunes review would be most welcome:)