Apr 272013

avatar2 While exploring Atlantis and accessing some of the recent water damage areas of the city members of one of the teams vanish and their screams echo over the radio, rushing to their aid they find the two experiencing hallucinations and both violently convulse and die. Weir orders a lockdown and McKay reads the riot act to some of the scientist as to the limitations and restrictions when dealing with an as yet unknown contagion but John of all people seems to ignore Weir and her big picture thinking to chase down one of the scientists and that in turns starts another ball rolling. Atlantis itself engages containment protocols and with a time frame put onto the “infection” drastic measures are the only solution and even then Weir is unconvinced they are the right steps to take.

Hot Zone is a story set on Atlantis and draws from existing lore and opens up a new potential long term thread in regards to who was responsible for creating the “virus” especially given that it shows a bias towards the standard human genome. It’s interesting that we get a very definite clash between John and Elisabeth in the story, there have been occasions before which offered this potential but none have been exploited to this extent. Given the events in the finale and with plenty of hindsight you wonder if they were preparing the way for a change in John’s long term status or other more fundamental change, either way the clash of military and civilian was carried through pretty well.



McKay once again has his moments and his character continues to evolve in the episode building upon the events in The Defiant One, he’s not quite upto the heroic Rodney he will become but he is getting there and we do find out about his sister, more of her to come in later seasons.

Floating in a Tin Can...

Floating in a Tin Can…

Overall an average episode, some good bits but falling short of some of the better episodes from the first season. Next week we are back to SG1 with the Harry Maybourne episode “It’s Good to Be King” we hope you can join us for that. We have some feedback from Facebook and G+ which was most welcome and again we always appreciate any comments etc on past, current and future episodes of Stargate and Gatecast.



Dec 032011

  Anubis has made his intentions known to the SGC and they are desperately looking for options to defeat the use of his energy based wormhole weapon, meanwhile Tealc and company are engaging the enemy on his own soil not knowing if it’s already too late to save the SGC and their friends.

The conclusion to the season opener two parter is every bit as good as the first, expansive lineup of guest actors, excellent CGI and lots and lots of action. We see Teal’c, Bra’tac and young Rya’c showing us what special forces Jaffa are truly capable of which makes you wonder once again if the arrogance of the generic system lord blinds them to what a powerful and precise weapon they had. Too many times we’ve seen old style line ’em up and rush the enemy tactics employed which with throw away troops is maybe not too much of an issue but when you see these three kicking ass then run for the hills.

Yes we always need grenades.

What is also evident once again is that Anubis himself seems to set a standard for his Jackal tattooed Jaffa which is much higher than that of other System Lords, his men seem more intelligent and capable but of course for purposes of the show our heroes have to keep surviving but we can get them into some dire straits at times:)

The natives are not friendly!

Once again it was great to see the early days of the Rodney McKay we came to know and love, his interactions with authority and the few people who were his peers ( he may refuse to admit that) is always fun to watch and of course this is where Jonas finally gets his chance.

Next week we’ll be watching and discussing episode 3 of the season “Descent”.