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The IOA propose a dangerous experiment to use the refueling capability of the Destiny to provide the power required by the Stargate when it dials a 9 chevron address. They basically want to dial while the ship is within the star and draw energy directly to the gate, there are concerns but the IOA are convinced it will work. One issue is that they spring this on Young when he is making a scheduled visit via the stones and when he balks at the idea they do an end run and have Telford enact the plan. This means that Young, Eli and Chloe are all on Earth while these almost reckless plans are put into place, of course this allows all three to visit family and Eli finally gets to catch up with his mother who unfortunately is not cleared for full disclosure.

Rush continues to resist the experiment but after a one to one with Camille his throws in with Telford and after they drain the power reserves of the ship by using her weapons she jumps to the nearest star and begins to refuel. The programming kicks in and the gate begins to dial drawing power directly but it soon becomes apparent the conduits have since lost their capacity to carry so much current and the ship is going to rip herself apart…

Earth (3)

Earth is rather character dependent even with the pretty impressive visual effects used when Destiny is performing the experiment. There is a considerable amount of what you could call talking heads scenes but none of the them are boring and each either expands on the character or their immediate relationships. Eli for example is explored through his emotions towards Chloe as well as his love and obligations towards his mother so plenty of good writing going on but the pacing can feel a little slow if you are not committed to the characters and narrative. All this aside it was also rather telling that the IOA personnel when faced with death immediately jumped ship, it underlines how important the ship is rather than the crew which is pretty much exactly what Rush believes. Overall Earth is a good episode and I think most people would say they didn’t expect the musical interlude but hey Universe is nothing if not different.

Thanks to Mack for the feedback he posted over on Google + and of course to Ian once again for being our guest on the episode. This weeks promo is for Nutty Bites hosted by Nuchtchas and her motley crew and next week we’ll be taking a look at the episode “Time” with our guest Brad so please join us for that:)



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