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Time is an obvious title for this episode and fits well into the rather simple but descriptive methodology the producers have chosen to identify the episodes within the series. In Time we have a team gating to a jungle which should be a rich source of organics for both food and perhaps medicine. They do make a rather startling discovery when they come across a Kino, maybe it was left by other travels but it contains data and when viewed they see themselves on this world and then watch in mounting horror as one by one the people on the recording fall ill and then come under attack from a native life form leaving death and destruction in its wake.

Time (1)

On board Destiny the crew to struggle to explain the recordings but then they too start to fall ill and a contaminant is found within the water supply, no doubt due to some poor purification when they harvested the ice, only know has it become strong enough to affect its human hosts. TJ is pushed to the limit trying to treat those that are falling ill and soon one by one the crew lose their battle with the illness, Chloe passes first leaving us with a very touching moment with Eli but indicates a direct correlation between events on the recording and this timeline. Destiny has already dropped out of FTL and the planet became available to dial andĀ thanks to the rather unexpected recovery of Scott (on the recording) it seemsĀ a powerful antibiotic can be found in the lifeform responsible for the deaths of the crew in the other timeline. The visit to the world does not go well and Scott hears of Chloe’s death and again the lifeforms attack ripping through the soldiers until only Scott is left but now he knows what to do, as time runs out he records all the information required for another timeline to solve the puzzle and sends the Kino through the solar flare affected gate and onto a different timeline…

Well what can you say about Time?

Absolutely brilliant in execution which covers both the production of the episode, the writing, direction and acting. There is really very really too criticise about this episode making allowances for the ever present convoluted issues with time travel stories. Everyone shone in the episode from Eli having a borderline breakdown on the planet to Chloe seeing herself dies (first one to do so) and TJ hitting a brick wall in treating the crew. We also got a very strong scene with Greer who took to heart his other self’s failure to protect his people, again we see the level of integrity within Greer which is so easy to miss when you take him at first sight. Time is an episode that does stand alone in this first season and should be watched by an scifi fan.

Many thanks to Mack for the feedback over on Google + for the episode Earth and to Brad for joining me on this episode, once again getting up very early to talk over skype. This weeks podcast promo is for The Babylon Project Podcast and I really should rewatch B5 again, sooner the better. Next weeks show will be taking a look at the episode “Life” and Matthew will be joining us, hope you come along for the ride and let us know what you think.





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