Mar 262016

Brain Storm

In Brain Storm Rodney is invited to a presentation by a former colleague, he asks Jennifer to accompany him and perhaps a little to his surprise she is quite pleased to do so. The presentation takes place in a facility in the middle of nowhere with tight security where Dr. Malcolm Tunney reveals his matter bridge a device intended to funnel heat from the Earth to another universe/reality thus reducing global warming. Rodney recognizes the device as being the same technology he used to access the alternate realm which brought his other self to Atlantis but when he speaks he is ridiculed as it seems Rodney has a bit of a reputation amongst his peers. However as Rodney suspected once the device is activated and working it can not be turned off as it’s providing it’s own energy and as more heat is drawn from the facility the colder it gets resulting in a new phenomenon imaginatively called “freeze lightning”. Jennifer attempts to contact the SGC after they find a weak area in the containment field but she is then trapped in a corridor flooded with water, Rodney desperate to get to her pulls the proverbial rabbit out of the hat and leaves the control room to save her. Tunney using Rodney’s code shuts down the matter bridge and in the nick of time Rodney is able to revive Jennifer, not a bad official first date it would seem based on the events that occurred on the plane flying them home.

Brain Storm (5)Brain Storm is a very very good episode, we finally get to see Rodney asking Jennifer out and as we knew she had serious feelings for him it’s no surprise that she says yes, Rodney was surprised which made the whole scene just that more enjoyable. We also learn that Rodney really did make himself a bit of a loner within his peer group, his reputation is not good and that fact working with the SGC and IOA means no published papers just underlines the disdain many feel for him. Of course the fact that Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson are two of his peers kinda raises the whole episode to a whole new level and huge thanks must go to the two men who were more than willing to poke fun at themselves.

As always we want to thank our guest Andrew for joining us over Skype from the states, he always delivers and I think it’s evident having three voices in the mix keeps things fresh especially when a guest has a particular affinity for the episode in question. This weeks podcast promo was for The Rusted Robot and next week we are going to be taking a look at the Atlantis episode “Infection” so let us know what you think and don’t forget to vote in our Season 5 favourite episode poll:)






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