Mar 192016


In Remnants an alien device is found on the ocean floor near Atlantis thanks to an inspired idea from Zelenka. It is brought on board (yeah that makes a lot of sense) and it turns out to be some sort of storage device for a race long gone from these here parts. For reasons that become clear as the episode progresses certain personnel of Atlantis have a very interesting day as they experience events a little out of the ordinary which would normally be par for the course. Complications arise as Shen Xiaoyi the IOA representative is visiting with the intent to replace Woolsey as commander of Atlantis perhaps with her own agenda or maybe not.

Remnants (24)
Remnants is a fun episode with some great guest stars especially Anna Galvin who looked fantastic and the chemistry between her and Robert was great, there was some dark humor at times especially with John and again with Richard it was nice to see him coming out of his shell. It was fun to see Chuck getting annoyed with Richard and its never gets old to see McKay getting upset because he didn’t get to have any of the fun, or did he…
This weeks promo was for The Dune Saga Podcast  a podcast that takes a look at the classic Dune novels and their evolution in all media. Thanks to Ian for joining us for Remnants and he had to put up with a lot of technical issues but he will be returning in a few weeks. Next week we are going to be taking a look at the excellent episode Brainstorm and that will be a lot of fun I’m sure.




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