Jan 212010

┬áThe second season kicks off as Apophis prepares his attack on the Earth while SG1 are running around the ship putting charges of C4 in every nook and cranny. It doesn’t go according to plan (if there was a plan) until an old ally appears and the fight taken to the Goa’uld once again.

Colonel Samuels makes an ass of himself, Daniel is a space monkey and after all manner of rough and tumble Sam’s hair is perfect:)

This is the first show proper of the year and we have a few plans to improve things but it make take longer than anticipated. As always we welcome feedback in any form about any aspect of the episode or podcast overall.
As mentioned in the show…

Hubble was launched in 1990 so it was certainly up there when the ships arrived, it may not have been in a position to see them and of course someone would need to know where to point it in the first place. The wooly hat can indeed be bought with a SG1 badge or in this case Teal’cs emblem, you find the “beanie” hat here.

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