Jan 282010

SG teams defend the people of Nassya under attack from death gliders and while trying to save a badly injured man Sam is possessed by a Goa’uld and returns to Earth with no one the wiser. She is desperate to escape the confines of the SGC but her visit with Cassandra has revealed the truth and Sam is locked up and time is running out before the hunter finds and kills the Goa’uld hiding inside Sam.

First off apologises for anyone who listens to this “commentary” while watching the episode, the recording had issues mid-way through and sync was all over the place, I eventually gave up and went for close enough.

The technical stuff aside we both enjoyed In The Line of Duty and marvelled at how good the episode teaser looked despite this ep supposedly being a budget limited production confirmed by Jonathan Glassner himself. A major revelation in the story opens up much of what will interest the SG1 story arc for the next season or two, good times are a coming:)

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