Sep 102016

SF Debris – Watergate

Source: Stargate SG-1: Watergate – SF Debris | Channel Awesome

Feb 112014

Now isn’t that an excellent use of a Best-Lock Stargate product, many thanks to Christina who tweeted the image of his aquarium and a scene from Watergate 2.0


Feb 192011

When the gate refuses to work a discovery is made which implicates the Russians as owning and using a stargate (the one lost in Thors ship) but they need help as contact with their facility has been lost. On arrival SG1 along with a Dr Markov discover an active gate and all the base personnel dead and one rather surprising person in the deep freeze. While Jack and Tealc explore the base Daniel, Same and Markov take a mini-sub through the gate into this “waterworld” and proceed to get stuck and at the mercy of the intelligence that lives there.

Daniel once again joins us for this episode and a special guest star well known to scifi genre fans joins the show, Dr Markov is played by Marina Sirtis and yes they let her control the mini-sub…

Tom McBeath and Gary Jones also guest star.