Apr 112015

avatar2 A mandated day of rest and Carson is eager to go fishing on the mainland but one by one his friends duck his invitation and Rodney goes as far as to use Kate as an excuse to renege on his promise to accompany Carson. Elizabeth meanwhile is playing footsy with a rather dashing civilian member of the expedition but her own ethics and maybe doubts push her towards the more solitary position while in command of Atlantis. Tragedy strikes when an explosions kills a young scientist and it’s discovered her own body created the explosive in the guise of a tumor which was created when
she and a colleague were exposed to an Ancient device which was emitting radiation. Carson is unaware he is preparing to operate on the other scientist whose body is a time bomb but as we would expect he refuses to leave the patient to die and the consequences for the turtles are dire.

Sunday (24)

I don’t think we need to say too much about Sunday, a fun episode which has a very dark underside and you really get suckered into happy and fun feeling that Atlantis is enjoying with the totally unexpected results of the explosion and death of Dr Harriet Hewston and injury to Teyla. It was good to see Dr Watson played by Daniel Bacon who had also played a technician on Stargate SG1 and the style of the episode with flashbacks and multiple viewpoints was a perfect choice to tell the story.

Paul McGillion did himself and his character proud and we may look back and wonder if the writers could have done a lot more with the character in the three seasons he was on the show but we’ll never know but at least this isn’t the end for Carson, scifi shows never really kill off anyone so we may just get to see the good Doctor some time in the future. Many thanks to Thomas for joining us on the show, US, UK and Finland scheduling can make things interesting but we got the job done and Thomas will be returning for the SG1 finale in a few weeks. This weeks promo was for the Tuning Into Scifi podcast, an excellent resource for genre television news, reviews and features. Next week we will be looking at the Stargate SG1 episode Family Ties when we get to meet Vala’s father and that should be a lot of fun, we hope you join us and don’t forget to let us know what you think of the episode and Stargate in general.



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