Mar 162013

Veronica Mars fans are finally getting their movie!
So when are Stargate fans getting THEIR movie?

Joseph Mallozzi’s Weblog.

A very interesting read into the basic economics and the hurdles the much higher budget Stargate movie would have to leap to become a reality in todays market.

Aug 042011

The Scifi Rewind is a collaboration between members of The ScifiDiner and Tuning Into ScifiTV podcasts (Scott, Miles and Kevin) and they will be covering Stargate the theatrical release in their next episode. Contributions and thoughts need to be in to them around the 15th of this month for inclusion in the movie discussion and if nothing else it’s another reason to see where it all began.

Visit The Scifi Diner or Tuning Into Scifi TV for their Rewind segments.

May 122008

Show notes:

Welcome to gatecast, an episode by episode breakdown of the longest continuously running sci–fi show in American tv history.

In this, our pilot episode we breakdown the original source movie and wax geeky about general sci-fi stuff, it’s often off topic but always fun.

We’re early days yet folks, tell us what you like and what you hate, email us through the contact us page or call (206) 426-6882.

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