Scott Hough

Jul 092009

In this episode we talk about the First season episode, Emancipation.

SG-1 arrives on a planet controlled by the Shavadai, decedents of Mongols, who view women as subservient and submissive. The presence of SG-1 Captain Samantha Carter causes an instant uproar. Carter is forced to adapt to the custom’s, but is soon kidnapped by the chief’s son who trades her in another village. As SG-1 tries to find her, Carter must survive in this society to bring about freedom for all women.

We also mention Carter’s hair products. 😉 What brand does she use? Carter’s Super-hold Mousse?

yuupodated with better editing by mike and a temp intro music thingy


Jul 032009



Today we have an episode we recorded months ago. It’s the second episode of SG1. It’s a little raw, it had minimal editing.. We just wanted to get it out.

We are back on track to record and release episodes on a regular basis. Tomorrow we’ll post episode 3.

Jun 022008

Show notes:
In this, our review about the pilot episode. We have some fun. We Refer to Don S. Davis (General Hammond) as Don West.

Don’t forget we have an ongoing contest. Make a theme for us and win a copy of Stargate: Continuum. The contest ends roughly mid July. The winner will be announced the last episode before the movie comes out.

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May 122008

Show notes:

Welcome to gatecast, an episode by episode breakdown of the longest continuously running sci–fi show in American tv history.

In this, our pilot episode we breakdown the original source movie and wax geeky about general sci-fi stuff, it’s often off topic but always fun.

We’re early days yet folks, tell us what you like and what you hate, email us through the contact us page or call (206) 426-6882.

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