Mar 112017


The crew of the Destiny have to deal with a holidaying Rush in the episode Seizure as well as fall out from events on the planet Langara.


Homeworld command are in negotiations with Langara to use their world as a staging post for dialing Destiny thanks to the veins of Naquadria that run through the planet. Naturally given two worlds have already been destroyed the Langarans are not overly enthusiastic and are also under pressure from the Lucian Alliance. The military led by Telford favour direct action as they believe the Langarans are already dealing with the Alliance and so a plan is formulated by Dr McKay and put into action. On board Destiny Rush is having a day off and is using the chair to send his consciousness into the ship’s computer where his and Amanda’s bits and bytes can overwrite each other with abandon. When it’s time to leave Rush finds himself trapped in the computer with no control over the programme currently running and Ginn is desperate to get critical information to Eli before the system breaks down with catastrophic results.

Seizure is an entertaining episode with a fantastic guest star including Victor Garber, Robert Picardo and of course David Hewlett. It’s a pity Jack only gets a mention but the screen is certainly full of quality acting and some excellent location work in a former power plant (now a museum) which would be familiar to many a Canadian sourced tv series shown over the last decade. It was interesting to see how confrontational Homeworld was based on the belief the Langarans were double dealing and that based on very suspect intelligence gleaned from encrypted communications. In many ways it’s not a side of the SGC we want and leans more towards the dark days of the NID or maybe just the desperation by one or two individuals pushing an agenda regardless of the consequences. Helen Shaver did a magnificent job directing her first Stargate episode especially given the complexity imposed by characters who had backgrounds on SG1 and Atlantis.

Thanks to Brad for joining us on this weeks episode and for sending in the voicemail feedback for last weeks episode “Hope”. This weeks promo is for the SciFi Dig Podcast a long running show hosted by Aaron which has taken a lengthy break recently but back with a bang. Next week we are going to be watching The Hunt and as always we’d love to hear from you so leave a comment here or visit us on social media:)



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