Sep 132014

avatar There they were just minding their own business walking into a settlement when the blow darts and crossbows are whipped out and suddenly the team are under fire with McKay getting shot in the arse which I guess everyone watching had a good laugh at but Ronon realises he has been to this community before and it didn’t go well and while Mckay does manage to reach the gate and escape the rest are taken prisoner with the intent to trade Ronon the “runner” back to the Wraith. It turns out the village was hit by the Wraith hunters when they came looking for Ronon and the chiefs daughter was fed upon as well as quite a few other people and the survivors were told to call the Wraith using a device if Ronon returned and they have so the clock it ticking. Ronon threatens to kill himself if they don’t release John and Teyla so they do and Ronon is taken once again by the Wraith but alas the settlement is wiped out but never mind at least the Wraith are predictable, they implant another tracking device in Ronon and Carson/Mckay are able to track it back to Sateda which was Ronon’s home world. The Wraith hunt Ronon in the ruins of the capital city of the planet after destroying the Stargate and Ronon puts up a great fight but help finally arrives and together they kill the Wraith forcing their leader to the planet where well you’ve just got to watch the episode:)

Right where I want you!

Right where I want you!

Sateda was one of the most expensive episodes produced upto that point and you can see why, there is awful lot of location work and guest stars/extras plus a wide range of filming techniques coupled with practical and CGI effects not to mention time consuming stunt work. Rob C Cooper in his second directorial outing really lets loose with his creative impulses and pretty much everything worked, there is plenty of humour, action and drama and the episode does look fantastic. We get a lot more of the Ronon back story which fills in a lot of the details from previous episodes where his story has been important and for Jason himself this allowed him to real do some serious acting and truth be told with his physicality to really show how powerful a physical performance he can deliver.

Many thanks to Brad for joining us this week and the featured promo is for the podcast Resurrection Revealed and the show Resurrection returns to US television later this month. Next week is the Stargate SG1 episode “Uninvited” and we will be joined for that by Jeff, tune in and please let us know what you think both good and bad.



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