Apr 272014

I had an hour to kill tonight so picked out an episode of Motive from the second season I hadn’t seen it, the episode was called “Overboard” and yes I immediately thought of Kurt Russell and Goldie in the bikini but hey that’s just me:) This story involved the murder of the wife of a wealthy online gambling business owner but as is the style of the show we know who the victim and the murderer are straight away and the entertainment is watching the detectives figure out why the events happened as they did. In Overboard we had two former Stargate actors taking leading guest starring roles, the first Niall Matter who played Damian Cutter and the second Julie McNiven who was Meredith Taylor and both roles had a lot of screen time. Niall has starred in Primeval New World and had a long running recurring lead role on Eureka and made a couple of guest appearances on Stargate Atlantis in the episodes Be All My Sins Remember’d and Tabula Rasa playing Lt. Kemp while Julie played the Lucian Alliance scientist Ginn in eight episodes of Stargate Alliance and had recurring roles on Supernatural and Mad Men.

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Overboard was an excellent episode of Motive and worth mentioning that Carlos Bernard also appeared, best known perhaps for his stint on 24.